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The Rosenheim-Cops: Totholz

Crime 2024 ZDF
Photo: Linda Gschwentner

When forest owner and timber merchant Joseph Kreitmair is found shot dead in his high seat, detectives Hansen (Igor Jeftić) and Stadler (Dieter Fischer) take up the investigation. The first suspects are not long in coming. Shortly before the crime, the murdered man and his younger brother Sebastian (Arthur Klemt) had fallen out. The two had different ideas about the future of the family business, which was passed on to them by their father, the patriarch Friedrich Kreitmair (Michael Mendl ). But Ignatius Böck (Heio von Stetten ), the owner of the Böck joinery, is also among the suspects, as is Lena Burgstaller (Eva Maria Grein von Friedl ), who works for the Kreitmairs, and forest owner Hans-Jürgen Ertl (Christian Lerch).
In addition to the investigation, Hansen is busy in his private life because he has met Isabella Pohl (Julia Stinshoff), a successful traditional costume designer.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Junior Producer
Commissioning Editor
Christof Königstein, Axel Laustroer
Ariane Homayounfar, Joachim Braner
Herwig Fischer
Michael Mendl, Arthur Klemt, Adrian Bräunig, Heio von Stetten, Jillian Anthony, Julia Stinshoff, Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl, Kathrin Anna Stahl, Hans Stadlbauer, Christian Lerch, Daniel Popat, Marina Lötschert, Florian Ziller, Maria Lüthi, Axel Röhrle, Déborah Jo
Gwendoly Clayton Casting
Line Producer
Unit Production Manager
Dennis Voss
Set Design
Mathias Heinze
Costume Design
Virginija Weck
Anett Pohl, Sandra Grabmann-Lipps
Joachim J. Gerndt
Mailin Mergner

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