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Principal Photography of Bavaria Fiction’s and Netflix’ young-adult horror film "The Privilege" completed

Fri, 14. May 2021
Foto: Nadja Klier

Berlin - The new Netflix film "The Privilege" has successfully completed filming in Berlin and the Harz mountain range. The Bavaria Fiction production stars Max Schimmelpfennig ("Dark"), Lea van Acken ("The Diary of Anne Frank"), Roman Knižka ("Dark Woods") and Lise Risom Olsen ("The Innocents").

The film is directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde ("Ruby Red", "Sapphire Blue", "Emerald Green"), and is based on an original script by Sebastian Niemann ("Jack the Ripper") and Eckhard Vollmar ("Room 205"). Director of Photography is Jakub Bejnarowicz ("We Children from Bahnhof Zoo"). Markus Zimmer ("Enfant Terrible", "Confessions of Felix Krull") acts as producer, Sasha Bühler is Director International Films in charge of the production for Netflix.

Markus Zimmer, Producer:

"I am very pleased that this unusual horror film has been created by Bavaria Fiction together with Netflix. ‘The Privilege’ impressively stages and highlights many of the fears adolescents universally share  – particularly those of feeling alienated and misunderstood. Evil lurks everywhere – even where we least suspect it."

In "The Privilege", 18-year-old Finn (Max Schimmelpfennig) suspects that a curse is haunting his surroundings after a series of inexplicable events. And indeed, the façade of his wealthy family soon begins to crumble.

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