The Privilege

Movie: from 09.02.22 | Netflix

Years after his sister Anna's tragic death, 18-year old Finn (Max Schimmelpfennig) is increasingly haunted by nightmares and demonic visions. What his family dismisses as psychotic breakdowns due to a childhood trauma feels ever more real to him. As horrific events around him begin to escalate , he can no longer pretend  that it's all just in his head. Together with his best friend Lena (Lea van Acken), he tries to uncover the terrible secret that lies in his past and behind the seemingly inconspicuous facade of his family.

Picture: Nadja Klier

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"Das Privileg - Die Auserwählten"

vorne: Dr. Steinke (Nadeshda Brennicke)
hinten: von Martin Bergmann (Roman Knižka), Yvonne Bergmann (Lise Risom Olson) und Finn Bergmann (Max Schimmelpfennig)

Foto: Nadja Klier / Bavaria Fiction 2021

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Cast & Crew


Markus Zimmer


Laura Roll, Caroline Fischer



Commissioning Editor

Sasha Bühler


Sebastian Niemann, Eckhard Vollmar, Katharina Schöde, Felix Fuchssteiner

Based on a story by Sebastian Niemann, Eckhard Vollmar


Felix Fuchssteiner, Katharina Schöde

Director of Photography

Jakub Bejnarowicz


Max Schimmelpfennig, Lea van Acken, Roman Knižka,
Lise Risom Olsen, Tijan Marei, Milena Tscharntke, Horst Janson,
Nadeshda Brennicke, Maurice Lattke, Rojan Juan Barani u.v.a


Gwendolyn Clayton

Head of Production

Sascha Ommert

Line Producer

Andreas Habermaier

Unit Production Manager

Frank Lübke

Set Design

Sebastian Wurm

Costume Design

Alexander Beck


Frauke Pira

Music Philipp Fabian Kölmel


Wolfgang Weigl