Out of Their Tree

TV-Movie: in Production | ZDF

Maria Koslowski is caught off guard when her younger brother Moritz moves in with her shortly before Christmas. Moritz has travelled through the world's crisis regions for years as a photographer, leading an exciting, unsettled life. But this changes radically when he collides with a camel in a car accident. He suffers a severe traumatic brain injury, which leaves him with an uncontrollable personality. Maria is quickly overwhelmed by her brother's changed - and often extreme - behaviour. Nevertheless, the two siblings feel an unprecedented connection to each other. As Moritz's presence reignites old family conflicts, can they find a way to make their unexpected new reality work?

Picture: Stephan Schaar

Cast & Crew

Executive Producers

Marc Conrad (ConradFilm), Maren Knieling



Commissioning Editors

Katharina Görtz, Nina Manhercz


Uli Brée, Rupert Henning


Mirjam Unger

Director of Photography

Sebastian Thaler


Anna Loos, Marcus Mittermeier, Simon Schwarz, Bettina Mittendorfer, u.v.m.


Siegfried Wagner, Anna-Isabelle Schmidt

Line Producer

Sandra Vogelbacher

Head of Production

Lisa Schmidt

Set Design

Patrick S. Müller


Petra Hanslbauer


Martine Flener


Benedikt Rubey