The Nest (Das Nest)

TV-Movie: in post production | ZDF

After 16 years together Julia (Bettina Lamprecht) lets Robert (Matthias Koeberlin) know that she is going to leave him. At first he’s in denial. He believes they could lead a comfortable life with their children, twelve-year-old Marie (Lola Höller) and seven-year-old Max (Linus von Emhofen), in the house they have recently renovated. But that's not enough for Julia. For her, it’s clear they have grown apart. Now in her mid-30s she wants to turn her life around and starts studying psychology. Robert just wants everything to stay as it is. His unusual proposal, which Julia finally agrees to, is to live together with the children according to the nesting principle. But shortly after Julia, accepts the advances of her new colleague Sascha (Tom Beck). Time and again, Julia and Robert break their jointly agreed catalogue of rules. Finally, Marie and Max remind their parents why they all got involved in the nesting experiment in the first place: for the sake of the children.

Picture: Willi Weber

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Maren Knieling

Co-Production ConradFilm



Commissioning Editor

Wolfgang Grundmann


Stefan Betz


Tobi Baumann

Director of Photography

Brandan Uffelmann


Bettina Lamprecht, Matthias Koeberlin


Gwendolyn Clayton

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert, Jens Metzler

Unit Production Manager

Melanie Lauche

Set Design

Frank Prümmer

Costume Design

Matthias Vöcking


Lisa Meier, Isabella Beyer


Helmut Zerlett


Christian Krämer, Stefen Rocker