And then someone gets up and opens the window

TV-Movie: in post production | 08:15 pm | Das Erste

Based on Susann Pásztor's bestselling novel 

Karla, a stubborn, taciturn and brittle photographer, has only a few months to live and no desire for sentimentality. Fred, a single father, traffic planner and recently also a death attendant, always tries to do everything right: With his 13-year-old son Phil, with traffic lights, and especially with Karla. His well-intentioned efforts threaten to fail spectacularly. Karla has no intention of reconciling with her past to fit in with  Fred's beautiful plan and turns him down. But the shy Phil, of all people, finds the access to Karla that is denied to his father and an exciting journey begins. While father and son believe they are accompanying Karla towards her death, the opposite happens. For from Karla the two learn the most important thing of all, namely how to live.

A tender, humorous, heartfelt story about three outsiders, about personal growth and about life.

Picture: Nadja Klier


2022 Festival des Deutschen Films Ludwigshafen - Best Actors: Iris Berben, Godehard Giese, Claude Heinrich
2022 Festival des Deutschen Films Ludwigshafen - Rheingold Audience Award
2022 Nomination Festival des Deutschen Films Ludwigshafen - Filmkunstpreis

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Doris Zander


Fräncy Schröder


ARD Degeto

Commissioning Editor

Stefan Kruppa


Astrid Ruppert


Till Endemann

Director of Photography

Bjørn Haneld


Iris Berben, Godehard Giese


Siegfried Wagner

Line Producer

Sandra Vogelbacher

Head of Production

Frank Lübke

Set Design

Monika Nix

Costume Design

Maria Schicker


Adella Selzer, Stephanie Adam


Enis Rotthoff


Friederike von Normann