St. Petersburg Romance (Eine Liebe in St. Petersburg)

TV-Movie: 30.10.2009 | 08:15 pm | Das Erste

Anaesthetist Nora Sanders (35) is asked to give a lecture on her specialty at an international surgeons‘ conference in St. Petersburg. Flattered, she takes on this challenge, much to the displeasure of her boyfriend Eric. Nora does not like travelling, but she has felt very much connected with St. Petersburg since her childhood. After the death of her parents in an accident, she lived with her grandmother, Katharina, who, as a young woman, once fell in love with a Russian soldier from St. Petersburg, and often told her granddaughter about it...

Picture: Dennis Satin

Cast & Crew

Executive Producers

Corinna Eich, Sabine Tettenborn                         


ARD Degeto

Commissioning Editor

Katja Kirchen


Brigitte Blobel


Dennis Satin

Director of Photography   

Sven Kirsten


Valerie Niehaus, Martin Feifel, Nicole Heesters, Rolf Hoppe, Julia Bremermann, Florian Fitz, Martin Ontrop


Siegfried Wagner

Line Producer

Herbert Häußler

Unit Production Manager

Hans-E. Busch

Set Design

Lars Lange

Costume Design

Astrid Möldner


Miriam Kluge, Stefanie Birrenbach


Christoph Zirngibl


Betina Vogelsang