Series: 1.11.2018 | MagentaTV

This is the story of Jiscalosse, an idyllic village in southwestern France with a small community of 1,800 locals. The village is on the brink of financial ruin, thanks to their very own Madame the Mayor. She really needs money to save her town (and her reputation)! So, when an opportune moment appears (in the shape of an eccentric German CEO of a Bavarian Automobile Design Company)… Madame the Mayor sells out. Literally. Historical French properties all over the village now belong to a thriving German company!

The French villagers begrudge the German employees, and the German employees begrudge their CEO… the only reason the employees really moved to the French countryside was in order to keep their jobs! The French enjoy hosting German tourists in the summer months, but an entire company? 365 days a year? 200 Germans…now 10% of the current population…forever? Mon dieu!

Pictures: C. Brachet 

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Cast & Crew 

Executive Producers

Moritz Polter, Oliver Vogel, Sandra Ouaiss, Peter Güde

Coproduction Company

Telfrance (Newen Group)


EntertainTV (Deutsche Telekom; Germany); Amazon Prime Video (France & Belgium)

Development Executive

Emily Rhodes


Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier, Thomas Rogel, Peter Güde


Denis Dercourt, Annette Ernst

Directors of Photography

Ludovic Tobaldi, Antoine Gueugneau, Philipp Haberlandt


Christoph Maria Herbst, Roxane Duran, Sebastian Schwarz, Jasmin Schwiers, Steve Windolf, Marie-Anne Chazel, Sylvie Testud, Anna Thalbach, Rufus Beck 


Sylvie Brocheré, Siegfried Wagner

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert

Unit Production Manager

Laurent Graticola

Set Design

Paul Chapelle

Costume Design

Céline Guignard Rajot, Agathe Darquin


Agnés Morlhigem, Catherine George, Jean-Charles Bachelier


Frankie Chinasky


Charles Ladmiral, Anja Lüdcke