Something like family (Sowas wie Familie)

Our Dream of Canada: 15.01.2016 | 8:15 pm | ARD

As joint owners of an idyllic holiday lodge in Vancouver Bay, retired German engineer Adrian, his granddaughter Karen and cook Iris must find a way to work together, but above all they need to find a way to live together - are they ready for it? With his grim nature, Richard does not make the perfect host and, as their first guests arrive, Karen is already making plans for their exit. Gesa (Marlene Morreis) and Jasper (Siegfried Terpoorten) are hoping this trip will mark a new start for their family, and help them and their children commit to a life together. Lina (Annelena Klenke), Jasper’s fourteen-year-old daughter, finds Mats (Nico Hartung), Gesa’s twelve-year-old son, just plain embarrassing and Mats suffers due to the fact that, after the divorce of his parents, all contact with his father Sven (Sönke Möhring) has ceased. When Mats disappears, with all evidence suggesting he has been abducted, the family, as well as the three lodge owners, will all be put to the test.

Picture: Bettina Strauss


Cast & Crew

Executive Producer                         

Ronald Mühlfellner


Christina Christ


ARD Degeto

Commissioning Editor

Carolin Haasis (ARD Degeto)


Michael Gantenberg, nach einer Idee von Ronald Mühlfellner


Michael Wenning

Director of Photography

Markus Fraunholz


Marlene Morreis, Siegfried Terpoorten, Sönke Möhring, Anna Lena Klenke und Nico Hartung

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert

Unit Production Manager

Sylvia Binder

Set Design

Paul Joyal

Costume Design

Sheila White


Tamar Ouziel

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