Hans Ernst: Christl

Movie: 08.05.2010 | 8:15 pm | BR

When Christl, daughter of wealthy innkeeper Sebastian Gruber and his self-righteous wife Charlotte, meets medical student Thomas, the younger son of rich farmer Anton Lafret, it is love at first sight. Thomas is engaged to Anita, daughter of a factory owner from Innsbruck, but conceals this from Christl. Thomas wants to break off the engagement with Anita, but his father and his fiancée, working together, force him to give up Christl. Christl's mother Charlotte Gruber and Anton Lafret are mortal enemies following a dispute over a bankrupt sawmill and a fake debt. After the sudden death of her father Sebastian, Christl takes over the family business. Many years later, Thomas, now a doctor and separated from Anita, returns to Erlbach to settle down, only for the old family feud to escalate once again…

Picture: Stephan Reichenberger

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer              

Ernst Geyer, Stephan Reichenberger



Commissioning Editor

Thomas Jansing, Elmar Jaeger


Agnes Brandauer (Cornelia Willinger and Stephan Reichenberger)


Alexander Wiedl

Director of Photography             

Tom Kubiak, Franz-Josef Kirmaier


Gloria Nefzger, Bernhard Piesk, Bettina Redlich , Winfried Hübner, Eva-Maria Reichert, Johann Schuler, Ilse Neubauer, Gabriele Dossi, Martin Goldes, Andrea Wildner, Florian Simbeck, Viktor Schenkel et al.

Line Producer

Stefan Roitzheim-Küfner, Sandra Haag

Unit Production Manager

Carolin von Fritsch

Set Design

Petra Heim


Christian Felder