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Mother on patrol

Comedy 2014 to 2015 Das Erste
Photo: Marco Orlando Pichler

Mia leads a well-to-do life in a suburban idyll, doing everything for her family and leaving her own dreams behind. But, when she tackles burglars in her neighbours’ house, she discovers her true vocation. To the horror of her husband, this wealthy dentist's wife wants to become a policewoman and sets about preparing for her entrance examination with the support of a former police instructor.

8:15 pm Das Erste
Broadcast Date

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Stephanie Krenzler, Bea Schmidt
ARD – Degeto
Commissioning Editor
Barbara Süßmann
Norbert Eberlein, nach einer Idee von Nicole Walter-Lingen
Jan Ruzicka
Director of Photography
Gunnar Fuss
Mira Bartuschek, Max von Thun, Martin Feifel, Eleonore Weisgerber uvm.
Line Producer
Unit Production Manager
Jo N. Schäfer
Set Design
Thorwald Kiefel
Costume Design
Petra M. Hanslbauer
Christine Bernrieder, Anette Keiser, Udo Riemer
Helmut Zerlett
Marcel Peragine