Wild Waves (Wilde Wellen)

Series: 2011 | 8:15 pm | ZDF

On their way back to the station, Marie and her colleague spot a car racing at high speed through the city and running red traffic lights. The two officers immediately set off in pursuit. They manage to force the driver to stop, but, without warning, the young man pulls out a gun and shoots Marie's colleague. Marie returns fire in self-defence. With the driver of the car mortally wounded, Marie falls to the ground and loses consciousness. The young archaeologist Paul, who has witnessed everything while at a celebration in a nearby café, immediately gives Marie first aid. Both have no idea that this encounter will change their lives. Soon Marie and Paul will meet again in Brittany. Marie has left the service in order to deal with what happened. And Paul has taken a new job. They will fall in love. And they will lose themselves when Marie realizes that Paul unexpectedly discovered a secret of the history of the menhirs and dolmens, which will not only change the life of the Menec family, but especially the life of Marie’s Vater Michael, which she met the first time during a horrible accident. The secret that Pauls discoverd is about a badly shipreck that killed twelve sailors many years ago and which also destroyed the marriage of Marie's parents, leaving Marie to grow up with her mother in Alsace, far away from her father and her breton roots.

Picture: Hagen Keller

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer                    

Ronald Mühlfellner


Hamid Baroua



Commissioning Editor

Birte Dronsek (ZDF)


Christiane Sadlo


Ulli Baumann

Director of Photography

Fritz Seemann


Henriette Richter-Röhl, Johannes Zirner, Katja Weitzenböck, Hanns Zischler, Ulrich Pleitgen, Daniel Rösner

Line Producer

Herbert Häußler

Unit Production Manager

Carolin von Fritsch

Set Design

Ellen Latz


Manuela Kempf