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The Garmisch Cops (Die Garmisch-Cops)

Crime 2012 to 2014 ZDF
Photo: Marco Meenen

At the foot of the Wetterstein mountains a murder has been committed... It’s an unfortunate and unusual turn of events, but fortunately the Garmisch Cops are on hand. With their unerring determination and flair for uncovering the truth, Anton and his younger colleague Bähr begin their investigation, under the supervision of state attorney – and Anton’s ex – Claudia Wölk. All the while, Chief Prosecutor Dr. Wetzel keeps a watchful eye on their search as well as on Claudia...

Two seasons à 10 episodes

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Katrin Weikart, Katharina Wagner
Commissioning Editor
Thorsten Ritsch, Axel Laustroer, Johannes Frick-Königsmann
Claudia Leins, Anette Schönberger, Hans-Henner Hess, Oke Stielow, Paul Milbers, Michael Pohl, Nikolaus Schmidt, u.a.
Holger Gimpel, Walter Bannert, Jörg Schneider
Director of Photography
Christoph Krauss, Simon Zeller
Thomas Unger, Jan Dose, Franziska Schlattner, Holger Daemgen, Sara Sommerfeldt, Christoph Stoiber, Christian Spatzek, Tim Wilde, Katrin Anne Heß, Bettina Mittendorfer, Inge Blau, u.a.
DreamTeam Munich, Stephen Sikder
Line Producer
Stefan Roitzheim-Küfner
Unit Production Manager
Jo N. Schäfer
Set Design
Mathias Heinze
Costume Design
Myriam Tümmers
Petra Seywald, Luna Federowicz, Anna Kirchhammer, Toni Leypoldt
Gerhard Daum
Mailin Mergner, Arnd Möller, Sabine Matula
PPP Presse-Partner Preiss, Isabella Scholz

Executive Producer