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Bringing Up My Parents (Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern)

Drama 2010 to 2011 Das Erste
Photo: Volker Roloff

Following the second marriage of his father, Dr. Christoph Hasenkötter (Felix Eitner) has a half-brother named Dr. Carlo Mittenzwey (Heinrich Schafmeister). But they only get to know each other at the notary, when it turns out that they have jointly inherited the old villa of their deceased parents. There is one condition to their inheritance: both single parent fathers must live with their children in the house - otherwise the ownership will pass to a foundation. It’s a nightmare, for these two families, it’s hatred at first glance: the animal psychologist and the divorce lawyer both consider the other to be arrogant, and even their daughters Henriette "Jette" (Cleo Budde) and Konstanze "Konny" (Gina Stiebitz) quarrel. But no one wants to lose the property. The fact that there is only one kitchen and one bathroom – which cannot be altered due to the old building being protected - is the final straw for this forced "friendship". With neighbour Rita Rabe (Anja Franke) and her son Yilmaz (Lucas Korn) offering the best entertainment, their struggle begins. Cue tussles over door signs, practice waiting rooms, space in the refrigerator, shower gel and newspapers... One things for sure – the men want to mark their territory, and each wants to freeze the other out.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
MDR/Das Erste/Kinderkanal
Commissioning Editor
Karl-Heinz Staatmann
Sibylle Durian
Thomas Piepenbring
Director of Photography
Klaus Liebertz
Felix Eitner, Heinrich Schafmeister, Cleo Budde, Gina Stiebitz, Anja Franke, Lucas Korn; als Gäste u.a. Sabine Kaack, Maren Gilzer, Karin Oehme und Bruno F. Apitz
Line Producer
Stefan Roitzheim-Küfner
Unit Production Manager
Uwe Kraft
Set Design
Silvia Fischer, Reinhard Glöde
Costume Design
Gabriele Schreiner
Sandy Hänsel, Dorothea Wiedermann
Franz Bartzsch
Alfons Schröter

Executive Producer