Taco and Nina (Taco und Kaninchen)

Movie Collection: 2008 | Ki.Ka

Two one-hour specials - The Enemy's Capture and No More School – based on exciting adventures from bestselling author Amelie Fried and her husband Peter Probst, who adapted their co-written books for television.

Siblings "Taco", nine years old, and his eleven-year-old sister "Rabbit" are as different as day and night. But when it comes to investigations they are a really strong team: as child detectives, they crack the trickiest criminal cases, using their heads, imagination and ever present humour! For this duo exciting adventures are a way of life...

Picture: Milos Schmidberger

Cast & Crew

Executive Producers

Anna Oeller, Kamil Spáčil 


Johanna Steiger-Antos

Coproduction Companies

Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk, TV Barrandov, Barrandov Studios



Commissioning Editors

Karl-Heinz Staamann, MDR; Christa Streiber, MDR


Peter Probst, based on the novels by Amelie Fried and Peter Probst


Tanja Roitzheim

Director of Photography

Notker Mahr


Miles Lawson,  Leonie Tepe, Rebecca Immanuel

Line Producer

Stefan Roitzheim-Küfner

Unit Production Managers

Sandra Haag, Tomáš Luňáček, Zdeněk Hradec

Set Design

Sabine Mahr-Haigis

Costume Design

Michaela Cervenková, Hana Jelinková


Irena Fricová, Ilona Slechtová


Ulrich Rassy


Sabine Mahr-Haigis