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Horst Schimanski, played by the legendary Götz George, first appeared in the ARD TV series Tatort in 1981. In 29 episodes (including two feature films), he served as the ruthless detective in Duisburg, at the side of Chief Inspector Thanner. For the first time in television history, a detective was shown who cursed, fought, drunk more than he should, made curry sausage his staple food, and revealed his womanizing ways with no inhibitions. His trademark was his beige/grey M65 field jacket, since then known as the "Schimanski jacket".

After a break from 1991 to 1997, he appeared regularly in a series of standalone movies until 2013, produced by Sonja Goslicki. Schimanski is surrounded by his long-term friend Marie-Claire (Denise Virieux), and Hӓnschen (Chiem van Houweninge), who was originally from Holland, and Thomas Hunger (Julian Weigend).

Picture: Uwe Stratmann


2013 Loverboy
2010 Schuld und Sühne
2008 Schicht im Schacht
2006 Tod in der Siedlung
2004 Sünde
2003 Das Geheimnis des Golem
2002 Asyl
2001 Kinder der Hölle
2000 Schimanski muss leiden
2000 Tödliche Liebe
1999 Sehnsucht
1998 Geschwister
1998 Rattennest
1997 Muttertag (Coproduktion mit WDR, Filmstiftung NRW, Bavaria Media)
1997 Hart am Limit
1997 Blutsbrüder
1996 Die Schwadron