Scene of the Crime - Munich (Tatort München)

Movie Collection: Sunday | 8:15 pm | ARD

Since 1991, Crime Scene: Munich has starred Udo Wachtveitl as detective Franz Leitmayr and Miroslav Nemec as detective Ivo Batic.

Impulsive Ivo Batic is a man who believes strongly in justice. Batic and Leitmayr have been partners for over 25 years - they know each other inside and out, and can communicate in just a few words.

Franz Leitmayr likes to flirt, but none of his relationships last long. Work always comes first. Leitmayr has a similarly strong sense of justice, topped with philosophical insight.

Commissioner Kalli Hammermann likes his bosses Batic and Leitmayr – even with all their quirks. Their working relationship is informal, yet sometimes Kalli pushes them too far – "He is still a rookie," says Leitmayr.

Picture: Bernd Schuller


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