Movie Collection: in post production | RTL

Inspired by true events and supported by the expertise of leading members of the police, our series describes dramatic events such as hostile attacks, hostage-taking, violent rampages and kidnappings. The extremely intense police work in these so-called "special situations" takes place under enormous time pressure and expectations are high. It requires interdisciplinary teamwork and the courage to be creative, it requires the acquisition of information from all conceivable sources and at the same time calmness and sovereignty in psychological and ethical considerations, which ultimately determine the success of the final intervention. It is always a complex matter of decisions about life and death.

At the centre of the action is police leader Verena Klausen (Henny Reents), who has to assert herself not only in the fight against the perpetrators, but to also deal with the tension between the male institutions of police and politics. She and her team are confronted with various degrees of narcissism, paranoia and sociopathy during their extraordinary missions. So, it is not only about violence and counter-violence, but also about morality that must find its place even in seemingly hopeless situations.

Foto: Nicolas Maack