Storm of Love (Sturm der Liebe)

Daily: Mo - Fr | 03:10 pm | ARD

Love, power, intrigue and friendship – for those who take up residence at the five-star hotel "Fürstenhof", their stay will be all about great emotions. Set in the fictional Upper Bavarian community of Bichlheim, each season centres on a young couple who must overcome obstacles before they can be happily married and leave "Fürstenhof" to start a future together.

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European Soap Award: "Best Foreign Dailynovela"


German TV-Award: "Best Dailynovela"


Italian Media Award Premio Napoli Cultural Classic Award "Best foreign Soap" Cast: Viktoria and Felix Tarrasch


Italian Media Award Premio Napoli Cultural Classic Award: "Special Award for Foreign Productions"

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Cast & Crew

Executive Producer     

Bea Schmidt


Julia Bachmann



Commissioning Editor

Matthias Körnich/Henrike Vieregge (WDR/federführend), Lara

Höltkemeier (BR)

Commissioning Editor

Björn Firnrohr (Chefautor) and more


Felix Bärwald, Axel Hannemann, Stefan Jonas, Carsten Meyer-Grohbrügge, Steffen Nowak, Lutz von Sicherer, Alexander Wiedl among others

Director of Photography

Marc Liesendahl and more


Helen Barke, Julian Schneider, Jenny Löffler, Dieter Bach, Elke Winkens, Lorenzo Patané, Uta Kargel, Paulina Hobratschk, Dirk Galuba, Joachim Lätsch, Antje Hagen , Sepp Schauer, Melanie Wiegmann, Erich Altenkopf, Lukas Schmidt, Christin Balogh, Florian Frowein, Max Beier, Désirée von Delft, Sandro Kirtzel, Isabell Ege


Silke Klug-Bader

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert

Head of Production

Peter Proske

Set Design

Claudia Walter


Myriam Tümmers-Nassef among others


Angelika Schrott, Marina Keckeis among others


Sebastian Schimmelpfennig, Adi Zepmeisel, Marvin Flohr


Andreas Hennicke, Tobias Geifrig, Christoph Leimser among others


Happy Ending for Tina Kessler - Christin Balogh leaves "Storm of Love”

Wed, 3. Jul 2019
Munich - Tina Kessler has found her happily ever after with the dashing Icelander Ragnar Sigurdson. Following their wedding, Tina and Ragnar, as well as Tina’s son Tom, will travel to Iceland to start a new life together. After almost six years, Christin Balogh says goodbye to "Storm of Love".

Jennifer Siemann joins the "Storm of Love" main cast as Lucy

Wed, 19. Jun 2019
Munich - Self-confident and carefree: From episode 3190, Jennifer Siemann takes over the role of Lucy Ehrlinger. The energetic event manager comes to the "Fürstenhof" to pay a surprise visit to her sister Romy (Désirée von Delft).

"Storm of Love": Romantic wedding with Icelandic flair

Mon, 3. Jun 2019
Munich - The love life of chef Tina Kessler (Christin Balogh) has always been like a roller coaster ride. But, after numerous failed relationships and a failed marriage, she has finally found her happiness. Louisa von Spies and Florian Stadler return for the wedding in guest roles.

"Storm of Love": A fight for survival in the Carpathian mountains

Tue, 23. Apr 2019
Munich - Emotions are running high in this high-stakes special event. Eva and Christoph survive a tragic plane crash. As they fight their way back to civilization through the mountainous Carpathian wilderness, their families face an agonizing wait, uncertain of their fate.