Bavaria Fiction beruft Marcus Ammon als Geschäftsführer

München - Ab Herbst dieses Jahres steigt Marcus Ammon als Geschäftsführer Content in die Unternehmensführung ein. Der langjährige Geschäftsführer Jan S. Kaiser verantwortet die Bereiche Produktion und Finanzen. Nina Maag, Head of High-End Streaming Content, wird Teil des neuen Creative Boards zur Koordination programmlicher Entwicklungen und Vertriebsaktivitäten

Foto: Stefan G. König

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Thu, 10. Jun 2021

Munich - Bavaria Fiction is reorganising its top management. Starting this autumn, Marcus Ammon will join the company as Managing Director Content. Long-time Managing Director Jan S. Kaiser will be responsible for production and finance. After five years at Bavaria Fiction, Manfred Haus-Pflüger will leave the management at the end of the financial year. Nina Maag, Head of High-End Streaming Content, becomes part of the new Creative Board to coordinate program development and distribution activities.

As Managing Director Content, Marcus Ammon will assume responsibility for the content of all Bavaria Fiction’s productions and projects. His tasks include in particular the development, acquisition and exploitation of TV, streaming and film programmes, including casting, as well as PR and marketing. As Managing Director Production and Finance, Jan S. Kaiser takes charge of commercial and operational processes at Bavaria Fiction and, in this function, is also responsible for contractual matters and taxes.

The appointment of Marcus Ammon to the management of the company strengthens the transformation of Bavaria Fiction as a content producer across the entire range of fictional programmes for national and international as well as linear and non-linear markets. To reflect the important growth area of non-linear programming, Nina Maag was recently appointed to the newly created position of Head of High-End Streaming Content. She will now also become part of the Creative Board, which will begin its work when Marcus Ammon takes up his role as Managing Director. The Creative Board will coordinate all of Bavaria Fiction's programme development and exploitation activities. Further members of the board will be named in due course.

Marcus Ammon comes from Sky Deutschland Fernsehen, where he was most recently Senior Vice President Original Production. He was responsible for the development and expansion of in-house production and, as a representative of Sky Studios, for the development and production of Sky Originals (including "Babylon Berlin", "Das Boot" and "Pagan Peak"). Before joining Sky, Marcus Ammon was Managing Director of MGM Networks (Deutschland) from 2003 to 2009. From 1999 to 2002 he worked for Universal Studios Networks Germany. As Head of Programming, he was responsible for programme acquisition and planning for the channels 13th Street and Studio Universal.

Karoline Meichsner-Sertl, chairwoman of the shareholders' board of Bavaria Fiction:

"Marcus Ammon stands for successful productions with an outstanding reputation, developed in Germany. With him, Bavaria Fiction gains further creative strength. The shareholders of Bavaria Fiction are excited to work with Marcus Ammon – and to his support from the entire creative team."

Marcus Ammon, future Managing Director Content Bavaria Fiction:

"I have always been fascinated by the aura that surrounds Bavaria and it is a great honour to help shape the future of this company, which has always been a home for the most creative minds in the country. I look forward to working in and with a successful and motivated team and to diving into the world of storytelling. Together, we want to seek new paths both nationally and internationally and lead Bavaria Fiction into an even more successful future, supported by a common understanding of the wishes and needs of our audience. I would like to thank Sky for twelve years of trusted and loyal cooperation, especially for the opportunity to reinvent myself again and again."

Jan S. Kaiser, Managing Director Bavaria Fiction:

“In the current upheaval of the media landscape, Bavaria Fiction is faced with the challenge of securing its core business of commissioned productions for the public broadcasters on one hand and expanding its portfolio in the growth areas of non-linear programmes on the other. With Marcus Ammon, we are gaining an experienced programme maker who can lead Bavaria Fiction into this future. I am very much looking forward to our time together.”

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