Thu, 3. Dec 2020

Munich - Season 3 of multi award-winning and critically-acclaimed Sky Original "Das Boot" has just commenced production in Prague. Produced by Bavaria Fiction for Sky Studios and filmed in German, English and Portuguese. In partnership with Samsung and in consultation with Cinemakers Film the new series will be shot in 8K and feature a Dolby Atmos soundscape.

The new series boasts a stellar array of new cast members including Ray Stevenson (The Spanish Princess), Ernst Stötzner (Brecht), Luise Wolfram (Mathilde), Elisa Schlott (Strange Daughter), International Emmy Award winner Anna Schudt (The Sniffles Would Have Been Just Fine), Joana Ribeiro (The Man Who Killed Don Quixote), Florian Panzner (Dark), Artjom Gilz (Milk & Honey), Jo Hartley (After Life), Fritzi Haberlandt (Ein spätes Mädchen), Johann von Bülow (13 Minutes), Trystan Pütter (Toni Erdmann) and Franz Hartwig (Pagan Peak). The new cast join acclaimed returning actors Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones), Franz Dinda (The Cloud), Rick Okon (Tatort), Pierre Kiwitt (Lobos sucios), Leonard Scheicher (Finsterworld) and Robert Stadlober (Summer Storm).

Season 3 follows the fortunes of a young U-boat crew as they engage in the Battle of the Atlantic, are hunted down by an obsessed Royal Navy Commander and are sent on a dangerous mission to the Southern Hemisphere. Meanwhile in the exotic climes of neutral Lisbon, where the exiles, spies and criminals of Europe rub shoulders with each other and their enemies, a lethal plot emerges to steal a fortune in plundered war time gold. A third storyline set in Northern Germany’s Kiel completes the new season. All strands are interwoven in this new, 10 episode series that ends with an epic series finale.

Marcus Ammon, Director Original Productions Sky Deutschland, said:

"After the great success of the first two seasons, we are looking forward to 'Das Boot' setting sail for the third time. In addition to the breathtaking storyline about the submarine warfare, two new storylines emerge onshore with a dazzling new cast. We are especially pleased that Dennis and Hans will direct season three and delighted to reunite with Fritzi Haberland and Trystan Pütter, who Sky viewers will know from ‘Babylon Berlin’, plus Franz Hartwig, from hit Sky Original ‘Pagan Peak’. It is also great to welcome back well-known series regulars such as Franz Dinda as Robert Ehrenberg, Tom Wlaschiha as Hagen Forster and Rick Okon as Klaus Hoffmann. Our viewers can once again look forward to a breathtaking high-end production that is both visually captivating and superbly cast.”

Moritz Polter, executive producer Das Boot, Bavaria Fiction, commented:

“Together with our partners at Sky Studios, we are thrilled to once again be setting off on a brand-new journey with Das Boot. Our head writers Colin Teevan and Tony Saint, directors Hans Steinbichler and Dennis Gansel and our exceptional cast have raised the bar even higher for season 3. It will bring together a nerve-racking cat-and-mouse game between a U-Boat and a Royal Navy Destroyer, a spy thriller set in neutral Lisbon as well as a gripping storyline which, for the first time, is set in the home front in Kiel. We are sure Das Boot will continue to intrigue audiences around the world with its explosive action and engaging narratives both on land and at sea.”


Das Boot - Staffel 3

Anna Schudt (Bettina Gruber), Tom Wlaschiha (Hagen Forster), Joana Ribeiro (Ines de Pina).

Foto: Stephan Rabold


Das Boot - Staffel 3

V.l.n.r.: Konstantin Gries (Franz Buchner), Franz Dinda (Robert Ehrenberg), Maximilian Gehrlinger (Huber), Artjom Gilz (Erdmann).

Foto: Stephan Rabold

The new season of "Das Boot" is scripted by head writers Colin Teevan, Tony Saint and staff writer Judith Angerbauer. Bavaria Fiction’s Moritz Polter (Spotless, Freud) and Jan S. Kaiser (Hotel Lux, Brecht) return as executive producers, along with Sky Deutschland’s Marcus Ammon and Frank Jastfelder and Sky Studios’ Jason Simms. Sky’s Julia Jaensch and Bavaria Fiction’s Caroline Fischer act as producer. Episodes 1-5 of Das Boot season three are directed by Hans Steinbichler (Winter Journey; The Diary of Anne Frank), and episodes 6-10 by Dennis Gansel (The Wave; Mechanic - Resurrection).

Filmed in Prague and Malta over the course of 104 days, with directors of photography Armin Franzen (How to Sell Drugs Online; Gladbeck) and David Higgs (Churchill; His Dark Materials), season three of "Das Boot" is supported by the Czech Cinematography Fund and the Malta Film Commission. NBCUniversal Global Distribution handles international sales on behalf of Sky Studios.

"Das Boot" has received multiple awards, such as the Magnolia Award of the Shanghai TV Festival (Best Foreign TV Film/Miniseries), the ROMY (Prize of the Jury) as well as the Bavarian Television Prize (Special Prize of the Jury) and the German Television Prize 2019 (best actress: Vicky Krieps and best camera: David Luther). In 2020 David Luther received a gold award for best camerawork at the New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards.

Synopsis Season 3:

Season 3 follows the fortunes of a young U-boat crew as they engage in the Battle of the Atlantic, are hunted down by an obsessed Royal Navy Commander and are sent on a dangerous mission to the Southern Hemisphere. Together they form strong personal alliances under the command of Robert Ehrenberg (Franz Dinda) who himself finds the redemption and the family bonds he thought he’d lost forever.

Meanwhile in the exotic climes of neutral Lisbon where the exiles, spies and criminals of Europe rub shoulders with each other and their enemies, Hagen Forster (Tom Wlaschiha) discovers a lethal plot to steal a fortune in plundered war time gold. These discoveries and aspects of his own history deriving from dark experiences on the Eastern front lead him to question his own actions and moral path. They also lead him to a shadowy figure caught up in a conspiracy that might change the course of the War - for the better. That man, much changed by his own shattering experiences is Klaus Hoffmann (Rick Okon). These two historically based strands come together in an unexpected, thrilling finale.

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