Unpunished (Ungesühnt)

TV-Movie: 12.04.2010 | 08:15 pm | ZDF

When she sees the defendant Robin Böhme (Simon Licht) for the first time, prosecutor Esther Dorwald (Ann-Kathrin Kramer) collapses in shock. She recognizes him as the man who sexually assaulted her in a park twenty years ago. At the time, the investigation fizzled out, but now he is here, a businessman accused of arms trafficking and murder. The prosecutor wants him to be held accountable for his crime against her, but realizes that the act is time-barred. The current case against him also threatens to fall apart. Desperate, Esther pulls out all the stops, risking her relationship with her husband Lukas (Klaus J. Behrendt) and taking illegal measures to ensure Robin Böhme does not walk away for a second time.

Picture: Christoph Assman

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer          

Dr. Eberhard Jost

Coproduction Company

Jojo Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH



Commissioning Editor

Gabriele Heuser (ZDF)


Dr. Detlef Michel


Thorsten Näter

Director of Photography

Achim Hasse


Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Klaus J. Behrendt, Tobias Oertel, Jörg Hartmann, Simon Licht, Tina Engel et al.

Unit Production Manager

Michael Bauernfeind

Set Design

Thomas Schappert


Julia von Frihäng