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The Three from the Garbage Collection (Die Drei von der Müllabfuhr)

Dramedy 2018 Das Erste

Werner (Uwe Ochsenknecht), Ralle (Jörn Hentschel) and Tarik (Daniel Rodic) are a well-rehearsed trio at the Garbage collection on Berlin. Werner, also known as the "trainer", has worked there for a long time and is a real leader – he’s a person who will always say if something doesn’t suit him. However this doesn’t always suits his supervisor Dorn (Rainer Strecker) - a former garbage man who made it to the boardroom. What no one suspects yet: Dorn is planning radical modernization measures. At first, Dr. Hanna Keller (Inez Bjørg David) shows up, an attractive and cool woman who is brought into the business to statistically record the efficiency of the workers and shortly afterwards, the garbage collection robot PZT04-5000 arrives. As the implications of the new measures begin to dawn on everyone, even Werner, Ralle and Tarik are worried about their jobs. At the same time another drama is taking place at their local pub: the construction work of the building is endless and operator Gabi (Adelheid Kleineidam) is worried about the existence. The trio is upset and wants to help. Meanwhile, events in their own workplace continue to come to a head and, as Ralle and Tarik manipulate the garbage robot, a scandal ensues...

8:15 pm Das Erste
Broadcast Date
14.6% 4.37 Mio.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Commissioning Editor
Barbara Süßmann (Degeto)
Christian Krüger, Barry Thomson
Edzard Onneken
Director of Photography
Matthias Neumann
Uwe Ochsenknecht, Jörn Hentschel, Daniel Rodic, Inez Bjorg David, Rainer Strecker, uvm.
Gwendolyn Clayton
Line Producer
Unit Production Manager
Frank Berszuck
Set Design
Petra Albert
Costume Design
Riccarda Merten-Eichner
Birgit Beranek
Rainer Plabst
Friederike von Neumann

Executive Producer