A Strange Family (Die fremde Familie)

TV-Movie: 12.01.2011 | 8:15 pm | Das Erste

When her 80-year-old father Robert (Fritz Schediwy) has an accident, translator Ira Wolfens (Katja Riemann) decides to take care of him at home - despite their difficult relationship. Robert had left her and her mother many years before to start a second family. But now Ira sees this as an opportunity to prove herself to her father. However, in view of the high cost of care, Ira calls upon the somewhat unofficial help of Eastern European nurse Elisaveta (Katharina Nesytowa) - much to the displeasure of her husband Marquard (Thomas Sarbacher), who, beside his work as a professional consultant, also has ambitions to be a local politician. To make matters worse, suddenly, Ira's younger half-brother Bernd (Stephan Luca) arrives at the door. Bernd is an artist who has never done anything but has always been treated favorably by Robert. As Bernd begins to interfere with the nursing situation and also starts an affair with Elisaveta, Ira's life threatens to go off the rails...

Picture: Erika Hauri

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Bea Schmidt


Oliver Dieckmann



Commissioning Editor

Bettina Rickleffs


Daniel Nocke


Stefan Krohmer

Director of Photography

Benedict Neuenfels


Katja Riemann, Thomas Sarbacher, Fritz Schediwy, Katharina Nesytowa, Stephan Luca 

Line Producer

Herbert Häußler

Unit Production Manager

Jürgen Klauser

Set Design

Silke Fischer, Volko Kamensky


Boris Gromatzki