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The Fisherman's Daughter (Die Fischerin)

Drama 2013 Das Erste
Photo: Marco Orlando Pichler

Years ago, after the tragic death of her brother Michael, Meike (Alwara Höfels) turned her back on her home and the traditional fishing industry of her family at Lake Constance. Now she lives happily in Berlin with her nine-year-old son Paul, working in a café and in a relationship with the quick-witted chef Sascha (Max von Thun). But a call from home forces Meike to return to the lake: her father Erich (Rüdiger Vogler) has suffered a heart attack. Returning home is not easy for Meike, because Erich blames her for the death of Michael, who drowned in the lake. And so the old, unspoken accusations of her father hit her again with a vengeance. The old man, who has long since ceased to be able to carry on the fishing business alone, stubbornly refuses to accept any help from Meike. The reunion is not made easier when she runs into her old love Markus (Golo Euler), to whom she must confess the existence of Paul - his son. But as conflict-laden as Meike‘s encounters are - her long repressed love for the lake, and fishing, returns again. She must decide between two men and two completely different paths in life. But it is only when the dispute between her and her father puts her life in danger, that Meike will be able to rid herself of the shadows of the past...

8:15 pm Das Erste
Broadcast Date

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Bea Schmidt
Oliver Dieckmann
SWR und ARD Degeto
Commissioning Editor
Claudia Gerlach-Benz (SWR), Diane Wurzschmitt (Degeto)
Adrienne Bortoli und Ulrike Zinke, Nicole Walter-Lingen (Vorlage)
Jan Ruzicka
Director of Photography
Jörg Widmer
Alwara Höfels, Max von Thun, Golo Euler, Rüdiger Vogler
Line Producer
Unit Production Manager
Rainer Wiehr
Set Design
Matthias Klemme
Costume Design
Petra Hanslbauer
Sabine Hehnen-Wild
Carsten Bohn
Marcel Peragine