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Some Like It Happy (Manche mögen's glücklich)

Comedy 2009 to 2010 Das Erste
Photo: Erika Hauri

Lina Baumann (Julia Brendler) makes people happy. That‘s her job. Working for a relocation agency, it’s her responsibility to make the integration of new arrivals in the Breisgau metropolis as comfortable as possible. She works alongside Daniel Kessler, the head of the agency. They have been a couple for some time, but Daniel does not want to make their relationship public. Lina is about to face her most important task yet, and the survival of the agency depends on her success. Prof. Weissing (Robert Giggenbach), the clinic director, has succeeded in bringing the renowned cardiac specialist Prof. Markus Gärtner (Stephan Luca) to Freiburg. It’s Lina’s job to ensure the arrival of the physician and his son Tim (Jannis Michel) is as pleasant as possible. When it comes to organizing a beautiful home, the best school for Tim and all the other annoying tasks of a move, Lina is the best. But the professor is hard to please and makes Lina feel that her well-intentioned efforts are actually rather annoying. Unfortunately, diplomacy is not his forte and, with his ruthless direct nature, he also manages to offend the rich Rüdiger Hofmeister (Heinz Hoenig). What he does not realise however is that the new heart research center, which Markus wanted to set up in Freiburg, cannot be financed without Hofmeister's generous donation, until Weissing makes it clear what damage he has done. An upcoming wellness weekend offers them an opportunity to reassure Hofmeister and secure his donation. However, he only agrees to attend on the condition that Lina also comes along. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, Hofmeister believes that Lina is Markus’s partner, so both must reluctantly agree to play along as the loving couple...

8:15 pm Das Erste
Broadcast Date

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Bea Schmidt
Oliver Dieckmann
Commissioning Editor
Katja Kirchen (ARD Degeto), Melanie Wolber (SWR)
Kerstin Oesterlin, Jessica Schellack
Florian Gärtner
Director of Photography
Achim Poulheim
Julia Brendler, Stephan Luca, Heinz Hoenig, Robert Giggenbach, Martin Gruber, Gabriele Dossi, Jannis Michel
Line Producer
Herbert Häußler
Unit Production Manager
Rainer Wiehr
Set Design
Gabi Pohl