To Divorce or Not to Divorce (Trennung auf Italienisch)

TV-Movie: 16.05.2014 | 08:15 pm | Das Erste

Marc and Eva‘s divorce is already finalised, now their only common interest is the holiday home in South Tyrol, which has to be sold. But when Marc and Eva arrive there to show it to interested buyers, it hits them: the house, which has not been inhabited in recent years, is completely run down and has to be restored as soon as possible. Time is pressing, for Marc wants to move to Shanghai with his girlfriend Sophie in a few weeks. So professional help must be sought! Unfortunately Giovanni and his chaotic group of craftsmen, consisting of his fiancée Isabella, young Stefano and the senile Luigi, are anything but professional. Inevitably, Eva and Marc are forced to live under one roof again in order to tackle the construction work. And if that didn‘t already stir up enough old conflicts and feelings, the arrival of Sophie, and Eva's new boyfriend Felix, will only add to the turmoil for the couple, who really want to go their separate ways...

Pictures: Thomas K. Schumann

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer                  

Bea Schmidt


Oliver Dieckmann


ARD Degeto


Kerstin Oesterlin and Jessica Schellack, Elke Rössler


Florian Gärtner

Director of Photography

Marc Liesendahl


Julia Brendler, Stephan Luca

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert

Unit Production Manager

Michael Schober

Set Design

Marion Foradori

Costume Design

Daniela Thomas


Tatjana Gluska


Birger Clausen


Bernhard Wießner