Pampa Blues

TV-Movie: 02.10.2015 | 08:15 pm | Das Erste

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere lies a pub, a shop, a gas station, a few farms and a former nursery... This is where the sixteen-year-old Ben (Sven Gielnik) lives, and where he looks after his demented grandfather Karl (Klaus A. Müller-Oi). Actually, Ben wants to get out of this place, but because of Karl he cannot leave. Ben's mother is a jazz singer and constantly on the road, and his father died in a plane crash in Africa. Ben works as a car mechanic for Maslow (Joachim Król), the self-proclaimed king of the village. In every free moment, Ben works on an old VW van, in which he dreams of going to Africa. This monotonous life is suddenly interrupted when, night after night, a UFO appears, only to disappear again after a short time. Maslow, who wants to save his hometown, hits on an idea - aliens will attract the curious, who in turn will bring money to the town. But the newspapers do not want to know anything about these crazy farmers who are claiming to see little green men. Then one day the young Lena (Paula Beer) arrives. Her car breaks down outside the village and has to go into the garage. But the old car has been tampered with. Maslow immediately knows: Lena works undercover for a newspaper. Ben falls in love with Lena. Lena likes Ben. Actually, life at the end of the world could be beautiful now. Or at least much better. But until then, there‘s still a lot more to happen...

Picture: Daniela Incoronato

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Doris Zander


Elnas Isrusch


ARD Degeto and SWR for Das Erste

Comissioning Editors

Manfred Hattendorf and Friederike Barth (SWR)


Rolf Lappert


Kai Wessel

Director of Photography

Hagen Bogdanski


Joachim Król, Sven Gielnik, Paula Beer, Bernd Tauber, Olaf Andreas Krätke, Christof Wackernagel, Adam Markiewicz and Klaus A. Müller-Oi

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert

Unit Production Manager

Rolf Wappenschmidt

Set Design

Dominik Kremerskofen

Costume Design

Susanne Witt


Susanne Bergner


Titus Wolfe, Ralf Wienrich


Tina Freitag