Night of Fear (Nacht der Angst)

TV-Movie: 30.11.2015 | 08:15 pm | ZDF

Sesha (Friederike Becht) has already given birth twice: the first was a traumatic experience in hospital, the second was beautiful, at the house of midwife Emma (Nina Kunzendorf). When Sesha is pregnant again, this time with twins, her decision is clear: she only wants to give birth at Emma's place. But a twin birth is not possible at Emma’s place. Nevertheless, months later, Emma gets a late night call from Sesha, she has pains and the babies are on the way. Emma tells Sesha that she must go to the clinic, but Sesha ignores her. When there are complications with the birth, Emma immediately calls an ambulance. After an emergency caesarean at the hospital it turns out that one of the newborns has brain damage caused by oxygen deficiency. Emma is being prosecuted. If she’s convicted, Emma faces not only imprisonment but also being banned from work and lifelong payments for the care of the twin boys.

Picture: Hardy Spitz

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Doris Zander


Elnas Isrusch



Commissioning Editor

Caroline von Senden (ZDF)


Gabriela Zerhau


Gabriela Zerhau

Director of Photography

Carl-Friedrich Koschnik


Nina Kunzendorf, Friedrike Becht, Eleonore Weisgerber, Marcus Mittermeier, Peter Lerchbaumer et al.

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert

Unit Production Manager

Andreas Thürnagel

Set Design

Detlev Provvedi

Costume Design

Riccarda Merten


Kathrin Dorschinsky


Fabian Römer


Anke Berthold