Oh My God, Anna (Mein Gott, Anna)

Fernsehfilm: 05.09.2008 | 8:15 pm | Das Erste

With her clever, energetic nature, Sister Anna Seelenbinder (Mariele Millowitsch) takes care of the needs and sorrows of her fellow men in the Protestant Institute. At the same time, Matron Gundula Schwertfeger (Karin Neuhäuser) also expects her to respect her solemn promises of obedience, humility and works of mercy. But the need for obedience and humility is a constant struggle for Sister Anna, who solves her problems in an impulsive and unconventional way, pushing the Matron to take drastic measures...

Picture: Laurent Trämtner

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer                         

Dr. Holger Schulz (Arbor TV-Filmproduktion), Dr. Matthias Esche (Bavaria Fernsehproduktion)



ARD Degeto


Commissioning Editor

Stefan Kruppa (ARD Degeto)



Stephan Reichenberger, Cornelia Willinger  


Stephan Meyer



Mariele Millowitsch, Harald Krassnitzer, Karin Neuhäuser, Martin Feifel, Andreas Giebel, Ilse Neubauer et al.


Line Producer

Herbert Häußler


Unit Production Manager

Christoph Getrost