Murder in the Finest Family (Mord in bester Familie)

TV-Movie: 21.03.2011 | 08:15 pm | ZDF

Rich sawmill owner Reinhard Lorenz (Otto Mellies) has two daughters: the older Manuela (Maja Maranow) leads the family business and has always lived with her son at home. The younger Katrin (Katharina Böhm), ​​on the other hand, turned her back on her homeland 18 years ago to start a new life in the USA. For the father's 80th birthday, however, Katrin returns and takes up residence in an old hunting lodge in the mountains. This arouses the suspicions of Manuela and her partner Jens (Max Herbrechter). They fear that Katrin has returned to ensure her inheritance. When Katrin survives a fall into a ravine, Detective Westphal (Martin Feifel) takes on the investigation - for Katrin is convinced that someone pushed her into the ravine. Christian (Thomas Sarbacher), the father of Manuela's son, who was once also Katrin's great love, had a motive. He is suspected of leading a vendetta against the Lorenz family, who had once banished him for defrauding the company and the family. But then Christian is found shot dead...

Picture: Kerstin Stetter

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Dr. Eberhard Jost (Jojo Film- und Fernsehproduktion)

Coproduction Company

Jojo Film- und Fernsehproduktion

Commissioning Editor

Gabriele Heuser


Peter Petersen, Johannes Grieser


Johannes Grieser


Katharina Böhm, Maja Maranow, Otto Mellies, Martin Feifel

Line Producer

Gilbert Möhler