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Drama 2009 Das Erste
Photo: Volker Roloff

It’s 1984 and 19-year-old Melanie (Anna Fischer), forced to stay at a dismal clinic due to a severe eye disease, attempts to defy her dreary surroundings with her sexy dresses and a lot of makeup. Her condition could lead to blindness without expensive therapy and drugs, but Mel dreams of freedom in the West, and she is convinced that she could be treated there as well. But she only has the new doctor, Carlo Sanchez (Pasquale Aleardi), as a glimmer of hope. She flirts with the married Cuban, who quickly falls in love with her and, thanks to him, Mel is even examined by a renowned professor. But the test, which is so important to her, is not approved. The young woman collapses. When Carlo's plans to escape are revealed, Carlo tries to spy on the couple on behalf of the Stasi, a race between life and death, love and freedom begins...

8:15 pm Das Erste
Broadcast Date

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Dr. Matthias Esche
Sabine Brätschkus
MDR, BR und ARD Degeto für Das Erste
Commissioning Editor
Jana Brandt (MDR), Bettina Ricklefs (BR), Jörn Klamroth (ARD Degeto)
Jürgen Werner, nach einer Romanvorlage von Else Buschheuer
Martin Enlen
Director of Photography
Philipp H. Timme
Anna Fischer, Pasquale Aleardi, Maria Simon, Jürgen Heinrich, Nikola Kastner, Cécile Bagieu, Marion van de Kamp, Dorothea Walda, Kyra Mladeck, Oliver Breite, David Zimmerschied, Lilian Naumann und Ernst Jacobi
Line Producer
Herbert Häußler
Unit Production Manager
Michael Schober