Let's Do it in Finnish (Machen wir's auf Finnisch)

TV-Movie: 25.10.2008 | 08:15 pm | Pro7

In her mid-20s, Annika still lives with her parents and moves from one unpaid internship to the next - always in the vain endeavour of finding a permanent position in the music industry. But the life of this dedicated yet hapless intern is about to be turned upside down - by a Finnish rock band. After all, Annika never expected that inventing some fictitious knowledge of Finnish would land her a dream job with a record label... In order to prove herself, she is to take Finnish group "Ripili" to Germany and prepare for a band contest. Her language deception, however, results in a major problem: inadvertently, she takes Finland's most unsuccessful hardrock combo "Rypeli" to Germany. Even as she escorts the three drunken bandmates Matti, Erkki and Janne out of the airport, she realizes that this nightmare means her new career could be over before it even began. There is only one option left: she has to turn these three crazy Finns into a decent band...

Picture: Elke Werner

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Astrid Kahmke                                                 



Commissioning Editor

Andrea Bohling


Axel Staeck


Marco Petry

Director of Photography

Eckhard Jansen


Jasmin Schwiers, Volker Bruch, Lasse Myhr, Daniel Zillmann, Martin Feifel, Nina Gnädig, Matthias Beier, Cornelia Lippert, Wolfgang Pregler, Sylta Fee Wegmann, Jürgen Tonkel et al.

Line Producer

Herbert Häußler

Unit Production Manager

Rainer Wiehr

Set Design

Maximilian Lange

Costume Design

Petra Hanslbauer


Sabine Hehnen-Wild


Zaz Montana