Total Triplet Trouble (Vier Drillinge sind einer zuviel)

TV-Movie: 07.02.2014 | 08:15 pm | Das Erste

In this sequel to A Triplet Rarely Comes Alone, powerful businesswoman Linda (Thekla Carola Wied) has quit her job as head of a women‘s magazine in order to experience "normal" life at the side of retired Latin teacher Jakob (Günther Maria Halmer). But the start of their future together falters, as, rather than travelling the world, they are constantly being left with the triplets by Leonie (Julia Brendler) and Thomas (Jens Atzorn). The young couple are not finding life easy, especially with Leonie’s chronic jealousy. Jakob hopes that their upcoming marriage will help, but Linda thinks it would be better for her daughter to find a career, so she can see herself as Thomas’s equal. So she pulls some strings to help Leonie get a job with the successful fashion designer Marius von Boonen (Martin Feifel). As if that were not enough, one day Betty (Kathrin von Steinburg) arrives at Jakob's door, holding the result of a more recent one-night stand with Thomas in her arms: the little Fritz. Desperate to not endanger his son‘s upcoming wedding, the now four-time grandfather does everything he can to ensure the truth does not come out - and gets ever more entangled in new lies...

Picture: Kerstin Stelter

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer          

Bea Schmidt


Oliver Dieckmann


ARD Degeto

Commissioning Editor

Katja Kirchen


Martin Douven


Matthias Kiefersauer

Director of Photography

Thomas Etzold


Thekla Carola Wied, Günther Maria Halmer, Julia Brendler, Jens Atzorn, Martin Feifel, Kathrin von Steinburg

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert

Unit Production Manager

Michael Schober

Set Design

Michaela Weniger


Christian Nauheimer