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A Dairymaid to Fall in Love With (Eine Sennerin zum Verlieben)

Comedy 2008 Das Erste
Photo: Erika Hauri

Ariane Ostler (Michaela May) is a chaotic but down-to-earth dairymaid, who lives reclusively high up on her Upper Bavarian alpine pasture. Ariane is not interested in formal, bureaucratic matters, and has never submitted a proper tax return in her life. This comes back to haunt her as the very particular financial officer Bernhard Maiwald (Günther Maria Halmer) moves into the area and targets Ariane. So begins a humorous cat-and-mouse game between the two, in which Bernhard falls in love with the unconventional taxpayer. His feelings make his investigation no easier, and when they suddenly endanger Ariane's Inn and thus their existence, Bernhard must decide: does he still want to live according to his strict rules and regulations, or should he listen to his heart for the first time in his life?

8:15 pm Das Erste
Broadcast Date

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Bea Schmidt
Oliver Dieckmann
Das Erste
Commissioning Editor
Katja Kirchen
Horst und Eva Kummeth
Dietmar Klein
Director of Photography
Rainer Gutjahr
Michaela May, Günther Maria, Halmer AlexanderHeld, Alexandra Schiffer, Dirk Galuba
Line Producer
Herbert Häußler
Unit Production Manager
Michael Schober
Set Design
Egon Straßer
Heidi Handorf