Autumn Child (Herbstkind)

TV-Movie: 24.10.2012 | 08:15 pm | Das Erste

Young midwife Emilia (Katharina Wackernagel) accompanies women every day through pregnancy and birth, shepherding them into a new part of their life, one full of challenges. Now she stands before her own "masterpiece"... Within a few weeks, she and her husband Christoph (Felix Klare) expect their first child. With professional calmness and full of anticipation Emilia prepares for the arrival of her child. But then everything is different. The home birth has to be stopped, and Emilia must go to a clinic. She senses from the first moment that she cannot love this child, and when she returns to her home in the small Bavarian town, she feels like she is in a daze.Everything is foreign to her: her cheerful mother-in-law Monika (Saskia Vester), who also leads an unconventional life as a hippie at 50, her neighbour Gretel (Monika Baumgartner), who raised five children as well as running the farm, and her loving husband, for whom life with a wife, child and the church choir might actually be perfect. Emilia slips more and more into postpartum depression, putting her own life and the life of her child in danger.

Picture: Erika Huri

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Bea Schmidt


Oliver Dieckmann



Commissioning Editors

Bettina Ricklefs, Claudia Simionescu (BR)


Ariela Bogenberger


Petra K. Wagner

Director of Photography

Peter Polsak


Katharina Wackernagel, Felix Klare, Saskia Vester, Monika Baumgartner, Heinz Hönig, Lena Stolze et al.

Line Producer

Sascha Ommert

Unit Production Manager

Rainer Wiehr

Set Design

Egon Strasser

Costume Design

Brigitte Remmert


Jasmin Soufi


Helmut Zerlett


Vera van Appeldorn