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Art, Heart and Schnitzel (Ohne Schnitzel geht es nicht)

Comedy 2019 Das Erste
Photo: Frank Dicks

Since the remarkably impulsive ex-zookeeper Günther and ex-gentlemen's outfitter Wolfgang, who has always been concerned about fine manners, lost their beloved jobs, the two friends have shared one wish: to return to work, earn money and feel like fully fledged members of society again. They are by no means lacking in ideas. But fate and Mrs. Gottschalk from the job center always have their own plans for them both, which often leads to extremely amazing complications: Wolfgang joins a social media course and decides to make his buddy Gunther the hero of his latest advertising campaign, the accidental destruction of a noble work of art leads to an unexpected claim for compensation, and Wolfgang's chance at new job with an online retailer is ruined by his daughter's friend. But even if some dreams burst and much goes wrong, the two will always have their friendship - and people who love them.

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Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Gabriele Graf, Oliver Vogel
Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Commissioning Editor
Götz Bolten (WDR)
Ingo Haeb, Katja Kittendorf
Wolfgang Murnberger (Folge 1-3), Micha Lewinsky (Folge 4-6)
Director of Photography
Peter von Haller
Ludger Pistor, Armin Rohde, Therese Hämer, Cristina Do Rego
Die Besetzer
Line Producer
Unit Production Manager
Andreas Thürnagel
Set Design
Thomas Schmid
Costume Design
Susa Sasserath
Frauke Horn
Michael Felber
Guido Krajewski