Daily: 1992-2011 | ARD

Living side by side, day by day - neighbours are easy... even wonderful! As the people of Marienhof cope with everyday trials and tribulations - they live their lives, with all the consequences. Big or small, problems are faced and resolved. As these strong men and women engage in their exciting and sometimes gruelling relationships as well as in existential conflicts and everyday aspects of life - a lot will happen, for this is Marienhof!

Picture: Jo Bischoff

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer

Simon Müller-Elmau


Volker Schwab


ARD Werbung

Commissioning Editors

Bettina Reitz, Daniela Boehm, Daniela Oefelein


Ingrid Pohl (Chef-Outliner), Andreas Kaufmann, Claudia Leins, Laura Heuer, Susanne Neuhoff (Outline) Marianne Sander, Birgit-Mia Rodenkirchen, Rainer Kirberg, Katja Tillmann, Beatrix Quinard, Katja Zimmermann, Jens Schleicher, Claudia Leins, Brigitte Drodtloff, Jörg-Michael Friedrich(Dialogautoren)


Volker Schwab, Utz Disseler, Gudrun Scheerer, Inga Taube, Christian Singh

Directors of Photography

Michael Clayton, Michael Burgermeister


Viktoria Brams, Alfonso Losa, Julia Dahmen, Christian Buse, Simon-Paul Wagner, Ivonne Polizzano, Antonio Putignano, Heike Ulrich, Sandra Koltai, Hendrik Borgmann, Katrin Ritt, Mirco Wallraf, Sven Thiemann, Isabella Hübner, Wolfgang Seidenberg, Erwin Aljukic, Verena Mörtel, Tuna Ünal, Marc Philipp, Jana Lissovskaia, Valentina Pahde,Timothy Raschdorf uvm.

Line Producer

Stefan Roitzheim-Küfner

Unit Production Manager

Jo N. Schaefer