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First Look image as Bavaria Fiction shoots young adult horror series for ZDFneo

Tue, 13. Sep 2022
Foto: Jan Hromádko

Prague - Bavaria Fiction is currently filming the young adult horror series "Unnoticed – What We Fear" for ZDFneo in Prague. In the six-part neoriginal series, 17-year-old Lisa (Mina-Giselle Rüffer) moves to an idyllic town in the Black Forest with her mother Franka (Marie Leuenberger).

The change of location and the peace and quiet are supposed to do Lisa good, as she has recently been increasingly suffering from panic attacks, which seem to have a psychological cause. When, at the memorial service for the first anniversary of a killing spree at the grammar school, the next disaster strikes fear into the town, events come to a head. New police chief Franks puts herself in great danger with her investigations, while Lisa is haunted by disturbing visions – from the realm of the dead.

The leading roles are played by Mina-Giselle Rüffer ("Druck"), Marie Leuenberger ("Blackout"), Paul Ahrens ("Druck"), Alessandro Schuster ("Das Boot") and Esmael Agostinho ("Spotlight"). "Unnoticed – What We Fear" is a series by director Daniel Rübesam ("Dengler: Kreuzberg Blues", "When Demons Die"), Roland Stuprich ("Dengler: Kreuzberg Blues") is Director of Photography. Head writer is Judith Angerbauer ("Die neue Zeit"); Daniel Rübesam is also the author of the series along with Torsten Lenkeit ("SOKO Stuttgart"). Executive producers are Nina Maag and Karsten Günther for Bavaria Fiction; junior producers are Florian Granert and Annalena Frieling. Diana Kraus and Elke Müller are the commissioning editors for ZDF, Christiane Meyer zur Capellen coordinates with ZDFneo. Broadcasting is planned for the next year. ZDF Studios will handle international sales.

Karsten Günther and Nina Maag, executive producers, Bavaria Fiction: "The strong genre twists of horror and drama make ‘Unnoticed – What We Fear’ an extraordinary story where things are not what they seem. A tense web of lies and moments that promise goosebumps and question socially set norms and how we deal with them. Daniel Rübesam is a passionate cross genre expert who has proven his talent in the past to entertain and provoke thought in equal measure. We are delighted to be creating a new programme genre at neoriginals and thank Elke Müller and Diana Kraus for their trust."

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