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Cameras are rolling for Sky Original

Wed, 13. Apr 2022
Foto: Stephan Rabold, Arne Rümmler

Prague - The legend Franz Beckenbauer. His outstanding talent as a football player, combined with his media presence and private love life, make him one of the most enigmatic figures in the world. Filming has recently begun in Prague on the Sky Original film "Der Kaiser" with Klaus Steinbacher (Das Boot, Oktoberfest 1900) in the leading role. Other roles are played by Ferdinand Hofer (Tatort München), Teresa Rizos (J.G.A.), Stefan Murr (The Ibiza Affair), Oliver Konietzny (Kids Run), Bettina Mittendorfer (Zimmer mit Stall), Heinz-Josef Braun (Hindafing), Christine Eixenberger (Marie fängt Feuer) & Sina Tkotsch (UP UP).

“Der Kaiser” is produced by Bavaria Fiction on behalf of Sky Studios. The biopic is directed by Tim Trageser (Der Lissabon Krimi - Die verlorene Tochter, The Magic Kid) with Martin Rauhaus (Allmen, Endlich Witwer) responsible for the script. Director of Photography is Eckhard Jansen (Der weiße Äthiopier). Developed by Markus Zimmer (Enfant Terrible, Confessions of Felix Krull), "Der Kaiser" is executive produced by Stephan Bechtle (Väter allein zu Haus, IK1 – Touristen in Gefahr) for Bavaria Fiction and by Frank Jastfelder (Das Boot, Pagan Peak) for Sky. The film will be broadcast at the end of 2022. NBCUniversal Global Distribution is responsible for international distribution on behalf of Sky Studios.

Frank Jastfelder, Director Sky Originals scripted:

"Franz Beckenbauer made history by winning the World Cup as a player and as a coach. But his brilliant performances off the soccer field also made him a legend. Together with Bavaria Fiction, we are now bringing the unique icon's career from the 1960s to the great World Cup final in Rome in 1990 to vibrant life. We are delighted to be working with a great team led by Klaus Steinbacher as 'Kaiser' Franz to make this exciting Sky Original biopic."

Marcus Ammon, Managing Director Content, Bavaria Fiction:

"Kaiser, icon, world champion: Franz Beckenbauer fascinates on and off the football pitch. Even after more than 30 years, it is unforgettable how he walks alone across the lawn of the Olympic Stadium after the final victory in Rome amidst the hustle and bustle around him. A true goosebump moment. I am all the more pleased that we are now working with Sky and a top-class team in front of and behind the camera to trace the multi-faceted life of Franz Beckenbauer from his footballing beginnings to winning the World Cup in 1990 – true to his motto: 'let's have a look and see'."

About „Der Kaiser“:

This movie about footballing legend Franz Beckenbauer (nicknamed “Der Kaiser” – “The Emperor” – by the press) tells the biography of a man who fights against the rigid structures and outdated rules in football and fights for self-determined action as a sports personality. Also, he allowed himself to freely conduct his private life as he wished outside of the moral concepts and expectations of his time. He develops a sovereign and emancipated approach to the media.

This story takes place against the backdrop of breathtaking games and tournaments, culminating in the World Cup titles of 1974 and 1990 – and, of course, the colourful and fun-loving sixties to eighties, when Beckenbauer enjoys life to the full.

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