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Car Park Murder

True Crime 2023 Sky
Photo: Emanuel Rotstein

The Sky Original true-crime documentary "Car Park Murder" (working title) incorporates the latest findings and developments in the notorious so-called Munich Car Park Murder and uses exclusive interviews for a comprehensive picture of this unprecedented case.

In 2006, millionaire Charlotte Böhringer (†59) was found beaten to death in her penthouse flat above Munich's “Isar Car Park”. Her nephew Benedikt Toth was sentenced as the perpetrator to life imprisonment for exceptional gravity of guilt severity for murder out of greed. The verdict was controversial from the beginning, as it was based exclusively on a chain of circumstantial evidence. The instrument of the crime could not be found. To this day, even after 17 years, Benedikt Toth maintains his innocence and doubts about the verdict could never be completely dispelled. Benedikt Toth was released from Straubing Prison at 7.30 a.m. on 24 April.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Emanuel Rotstein, Christian Asanger, Nico Gammella
Philipp Klees
Gunther Scholz
Gunther Scholz
Director of Photography
Alexander Vexler
Line Producer

Executive Producer

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