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The Rosenheim-Cops: Sterben für den guten Zweck

In Rosenheim, a curling tournament makes headlines: The rich and beautiful play for a good cause. But on the morning after the opening day, a dead man lies on the ice: it is stud owner Thomas Hellwig, who had set up the tournament as a sponsor. Commissioners Hansen and Stadler can soon report an arrest, but then a second body is found. The 90-minute winter special "Die Rosenheim-Cops" is shooting in Munich, Rosenheim, Füssen and the surrounding area as well as at Bavaria Studios.

After us, the rest of the world

Once again, 16-year-old Jonas starts a new school and, as always, he has no intention of being anybody’s darling. Jonas has muscular dystrophy, is confined to a wheelchair and knows that he will die sooner rather than later from this incurable and progressive disease. His mother Alma (Anneke Kim Sarnau), who raises Jonas alone and would rather take a second job than forego therapy for him, is determined to delay his deterioration.

Endlich Witwer - Über alle Berge

Georg Weiser's happy trip around the world in a camper van comes to an abrupt end when all his essentials are stolen and he finds himself imprisoned as a stowaway on La Gomera.

Der Kaiser

This movie about footballing legend Franz Beckenbauer (nicknamed “Der Kaiser” – “The Emperor” – by the press) tells the biography of a man who fights against the rigid structures and outdated rules in football and fights for self-determined action as a sports personality. Also, he allowed himself to freely conduct his private life as he wished outside of the moral concepts and expectations of his time. He develops a sovereign and emancipated approach to the media.

Annie and shared happiness

Annie and Ralf's marriage faces a new challenge. Tine's planned child, of which Ralf is the father as initiated by Annie, is born. But that is not the end of it, something has now come up in the feelings between Ralf and Tine.

And then someone gets up and opens the window

Karla, a stubborn, taciturn and brittle photographer, has only a few months to live. Fred, a single father, traffic planner and recently also a death attendant, always tries to do everything right. A tender, humorous, heartfelt story about outsiders, about personal growth and about life.

Horst Lichter - No Time for Assholes

Based on the bestselling biography: Entertainer Horst Lichter has barely had time to relax on his holiday when his mother calls him. In her own dry way, she tells him that she has been diagnosed with cancer and that things are not going well for her. Immediately Horst returns to his hometown with his wife Nada.

Annie - She who sows a flower for others

After Annie and Ralf have got back together and become quite a well-functioning team with baby Dominik's biological father, Annie and Ralf's relationship faces a new challenge.

The Rosenheim Cops: Murderous Company

Sebastian Herrling is found murdered. Until now, everyone thought he suffered a deadly fall while climbing. But commissioners Stadler and Hansen discover that Sebastian hasn’t been climbing for a while. His true passion was for Agatha Wesel, which is unlikely to have pleased his partner. Sebastian's siblings also have a motive: is one of them his killer to avoid having to share the inheritance?

At his Side (An seiner Seite)

Charlotte Kler returns to Germany with her husband, a famous conductor, after many years on the world stage. She is just setting up her new home when the doorbell rings and an unknown man is standing at her door.

Wrinkle-Free (Faltenfrei)

Stella Martin ist Kult in der Beauty-Branche. Doch angesichts ihres Dauer-Erfolgs mutierte Stella zur zynischen, kritikresistenten Alphafrau, die unbarmherzig in ihrem Reich herrscht und ihre Familie auf einen Nebenschauplatz verbannt hat. Kurz nach ihrem 60. Geburtstag hat Stella einen Unfall und kann plötzlich hören, was ihr Umfeld von ihr denkt – und das ist wenig schmeichelhaft… Stella beginnt, etwas zu tun, was sie längst verlernt hat: anderen Menschen zuhören, Empathie entwickeln, Abbitte leisten.

The Nest (Nestwochen)

After 16 years together Julia (Bettina Lamprecht) lets Robert (Matthias Koeberlin) know that she is going to leave him. At first he’s in denial. He believes they could lead a comfortable life with their children, twelve-year-old Marie (Lola Höller) and seven-year-old Max (Linus von Emhofen), in the house they have recently renovated.

Forever Young

Georg Weiser möchte sein Leben als Witwer nutzen, alte Wunden des Lebens zu schließen und nie gelebte Träume wahr zu machen. Mit seinem Wohnmobil fährt er zu einem stillgelegten Bauernhof, auf dem seine einstigen Freunde Jürgen und Petra leben.

Out of Their Tree (Alle Nadeln an der Tanne)

Maria Koslowski is caught off guard when her younger brother Moritz moves in with her shortly before Christmas. Moritz has travelled through the world's crisis regions for years as a photographer, leading an exciting, unsettled life. But this changes radically when he collides with a camel in a car accident.

Martha & Tommy

Martha is single and the good soul of the entire neighborhood, which includes student Tommy and his eleven-year-old brother Winnie. When Martha and Tommy become friends, their different worlds collide with emotional force and it soon becomes clear that the two can no longer hide their dark secrets.

Annie – Headfirst into Life (Annie – kopfüber ins Leben)

An infidelity turns everything upside down when Annie realises she is pregnant with her fitness trainer’s baby. She wants to keep the baby, but her explosive decision is an absolute no-go for her husband, mother and in-laws.

Love & Mazel Tov (Schönes Schlamassel)

In order to win over the bookseller Anne, who is passionate about Judaism, Daniel, a young surgeon, pretends to be Jewish and becomes hopelessly entangled in a web of white lies.

Rosenheim Cops: Murder on the slopes

Drama in the Stephanszell ski paradise: At the valley station, a dead man arrives by chairlift. It's the wealthy Orthopedist Dr. Hans Dreyer. The investigators of the Rosenheim Criminal Police find out that Dreyer and his former practice partner, Dr. Gerhard Paulsen, were at each other‘s throats, as Paulsen has an affair with Dryes’s wife Daniela.

I need you (Ich brauche euch)

Silvie’s glamorous life working in the world of fashion is turned upside down when her estranged sister Sabine is murdered by her own husband. As the only next of kin, Silvie (Mavie Hörbiger) is thrown in at the deep end as she faces having to care for her traumatised nephew and niece. It is the beginning of an emotional journey full of self-discovery and hidden family secrets.

Vacation Getaway: Tenerife (Ein Ferienhaus auf Teneriffa)

Nurse Tinka wants to spend her holidays with her son Paul and her new love, the architect Jürgen, on the island of Tenerife, in order to get to know Jürgen’s longtime friends Lars and Diana, and their daughter Charly. All of them end up in the same holiday home - and amid intellectual differences, legacies, relationship stress and adolescent dramas, friendship and love threaten to drown.

Widowed at Last (Endlich Witwer)

After the sudden death of his wife, the not-so-young Georg Weiser obstinately but unsuccessfully, and against the wishes of his adult children, tries to continue his unhappy life. Until life intervenes - in the form of his cleaning lady, who teaches him that this life is perhaps a little more complex than he would like to admit.

Love in Persian (Liebe auf Persisch)

When the young entrepreneur Robert learns that his father has gone to Iran to collect debts, he decides to fly to Tehran himself. Beautiful German teacher Shirin helps him to travel into the deep south of Persia. However, Robert soon realises that his father is running less after money than old feelings.

Decomposed - A case for Dr. Abel

Coroner Dr. Fred Abel is asked to provide assistance on a sensitive autopsy in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, a psychopathic killer in Berlin continues his own deadly brand of mischief. Young waitress Jana is fighting for survival in his cellar, and her only hope is Abel. Unfortunately, Abel suddenly finds himself caught in the crosshairs of a political conspiracy, as he faces a murderous chase across the border.

The Rosenheim Cops: Appearances are Deceptive

It is winter in Rosenheim, but crime never sleeps, and jeweler Hans-Christian Treuleben has been murdered at a chic ski hotel...

A Persian Affair (Eine Braut kommt selten allein)

The film tells the love story of young Roma, Sophia, and the disappointed Johnny. Offering a blend of fairy tales and reportage, the comedy centres on stereotypes and prejudices, telling lies, telling the truth, the power of love and family ties.

Schnitzel Always Works (Schnitzel geht immer)

Two long-term unemployed friends, Günther Kuballa and Wolfgang Krettek, can hardly belive their luck when they find a piece of paper with not only the answers to the first four questions of a popular TV quiz show, but also the date when the questions will be asked! Suddenly Günther and Wolfgang have the incredible chance to win 4,000 EUR!

The Bank Robbery (Der Bankraub)

In front of the headquarters of a bank, Werner Kreye (Joachim Król), runs over the Chairman of the Board, Helmut Draeger (Justus von Dohnányi). Kreye has lost all his savings in the banking crisis. His son Martin (Franz Dinda) makes a career as a banker in New York and keeps his girlfriend and colleague (Bernadette Heerwagen) at a distance. After a serious disagreement with his family, Martin has to decide: will he stay with his new banker friends in New York, or will he return to defend his father in court?

Jump to Love (Arzt mit Nebenwirkungen)

Doctor Fabian is determined to continue the practice of his father, who died much too early. But in order to free himself from the pressure of feelings he must repress, he seeks the adrenalin rush of extreme sports – base jumping from the mountains in his wingsuit. However, a near-death experience forces Fabian to reopen his life and let his true feelings come out...

Letter to My Life (Brief an mein Leben)

A global nomad, young and successful professor Toni commutes between her university, international conferences, her partner and her home town, where her mother is dying. She constantly ignores the signs of exhaustion - until the frantic tempo of her life catapults her into a mental illness clinic. Toni is accustomed to finding fast, efficient solutions to her problems, but here she will need to learn to come to terms with her life before she can truly begin to heal...

The Big Beef (Das beste Stück vom Braten)

Michi Griesebach is a gifted cook who does not burn anything on either side of the stove. Unfortunately Michi has stretched the patience of influential restaurant critic Harry Dumont too far – and vengeance is suddenly on the menu!

A French Summer (Eine Sommerliebe zu dritt)

In Munich, Jackie and Martin have been together for ten years – they’re a dream team, both personally and professionally, and are keen to now finally have a baby! However their well-ordered lives begin to go rather differently than planned when Jackie falls in love with charming Frenchman Serge. And Martin also unexpectedly experiences his own „magical moment" with Serge. This will be an erotic summer of love for all three, and one which will have unimagined consequences.

The Santa Claus Gang (Weihnachts-Männer)

In this hilarious and original story, three friends are mistaken for burglars and have to spend Christmas Eve behind bars. In Munich's most famous police station, the three men reveal how they came to be arrested in a strange apartment with such valuable spoils.

Mother on patrol

Mia leads a well-to-do life in a suburban idyll, doing everything for her family and leaving her own dreams behind. But, when she tackles burglars in her neighbours’ house, she discovers her true vocation. To the horror of her husband, this wealthy dentist's wife wants to become a policewoman and sets about preparing for her entrance examination with the support of a former police instructor.

Big Fish, Small Fish (Große Fische, kleine Fische)

In a small village on the Baltic Sea, major changes are taking place, because the ambitious mayor (Jürgen Tarrach) wants to turn the place into a magnet for tourists.

For my daughter (Für meine Tochter)

A German father is looking for his missing daughter Emma in Syria. When he meets Emma's friend Max, who is traumatized by a brutal attack of the IS, the hardest challenge awaits Benno...

Night of Fear (Nacht der Angst)

Sesha (Friederike Becht) has already given birth twice: the first was a traumatic experience in hospital, the second was beautiful, at the house of midwife Emma (Nina Kunzendorf). When Sesha is pregnant again, this time with twins, her decision is clear: she only wants to give birth at Emma's place. But a twin birth is not possible at Emma’s place. Nevertheless, months later, Emma gets a late night call from Sesha, she has pains and the babies are on the way.

Pampa Blues

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere lies a pub, a shop, a gas station, a few farms and a former nursery... This is where the sixteen-year-old Ben (Sven Gielnik) lives, and where he looks after his demented grandfather Karl (Klaus A. Müller-Oi). Actually, Ben wants to get out of this place, but because of Karl he cannot leave. Ben's mother is a jazz singer and constantly on the road, and his father died in a plane crash in Africa

Cooking Sophie (Sophie kocht)

Sophie is almost forty and has everything she ever dreamed of: three great children, a small catering company, a loving husband and a beautiful house. But appearances can be deceptive...

The Fisherman's Daughter (Die Fischerin)

Years ago, after the tragic death of her brother Michael, Meike turned her back on her home and the traditional fishing industry of her family at Lake Constance. Now she lives happily in Berlin with her nine-year-old son Paul, working in a café and in a relationship with the quick-witted chef Sascha. But a call from home forces Meike to return to the lake: her father Erich has suffered a heart attack. Returning home is not easy for Meike, because Erich blames her for the death of Michael, who drowned in the lake.

To Divorce or Not to Divorce (Trennung auf Italienisch)

Marc and Eva‘s divorce is already finalised, now their only common interest is the holiday home in South Tyrol, which has to be sold. But when Marc and Eva arrive there to show it to interested buyers, it hits them: the house, which has not been inhabited in recent years, is completely run down and has to be restored as soon as possible. Time is pressing, for Marc wants to move to Shanghai with his girlfriend Sophie in a few weeks. So professional help must be sought!

Total Triplet Trouble (Vier Drillinge sind einer zuviel)

In this sequel to A Triplet Rarely Comes Alone, powerful businesswoman Linda (Thekla Carola Wied) has quit her job as head of a women‘s magazine in order to experience "normal" life at the side of retired Latin teacher Jakob (Günther Maria Halmer). But the start of their future together falters, as, rather than travelling the world, they are constantly being left with the triplets by Leonie (Julia Brendler) and Thomas (Jens Atzorn). The young couple are not finding life easy, especially with Leonie’s chronic jealousy. J

New Address - Paradise (Neue Adresse - Paradies)

Job gone, money gone, house gone. Quickly it becomes a feeling: future gone. In any case, these are the people who always dreamed of the beautiful life, instead, they face relocation, with nothing but an old caravan rescued just before it was seized by the campsite. Stefan - played by Martin Brambach - and his family experience this rapid social descent, one which is affecting more and more people in modern times.

Balthasar Berg

At the heart of these humorous North Sea crime mysteries is audience favorite Dieter Pfaff as Balthasar Berg, a successful crime writer who was formerly chief inspector at the homicide division in Dortmund. A man with a keen intellect, from whom no detail escapes, Balthasar is stubborn and unyielding with a strong intuition – he’s a passionate investigator, just like the character in his book. But even if they brought success, these qualities did not make him very popular with his superiors.

Triplet Trouble (Ein Drilling kommt selten allein)

Widowed Latin teacher Jakob Buchmann is always in a suit and always punctual - in 30 years he hasn’t missed a day of work. But now he is about to retire – and next week he’s off to Canada, forever...

Autumn Child (Herbstkind)

Young midwife Emilia (Katharina Wackernagel) accompanies women every day through pregnancy and birth, shepherding them into a new part of their life, one full of challenges. Now she stands before her own "masterpiece"... Within a few weeks, she and her husband Christoph (Felix Klare) expect their first child. With professional calmness and full of anticipation Emilia prepares for the arrival of her child. But then everything is different. The home birth has to be stopped, and Emilia must go to a clinic.

Year of the Dragon (Jahr des Drachen)

Working for a large textile company, Thomas Eichner is in Saigon to negotiate a new joint venture contract. Far away from his homeland, removed from the simmering conflict with his adult son Daniel, the agonizing years of caring for his cancer-stricken wife Maren, and his impending 50th birthday, he meets Vietnamese woman Huong. She is adorable. She is young. She is life.

Some Like It Happy (Manche mögen's glücklich)

Lina Baumann makes people happy. That‘s her job. Working for a relocation agency, it’s her responsibility to make the integration of new arrivals in the Breisgau metropolis as comfortable as possible. She works alongside Daniel Kessler, the head of the agency. They have been a couple for some time, but Daniel does not want to make their relationship public. Lina is about to face her most important task yet, and the survival of the agency depends on her success. Prof. Weissing, the clinician, has succeeded in bringing the renowned cardiac specialist Prof. Markus Gärtner to Freiburg. It’s Lina’s job to ensure the arrival of the physician and his son Tim is as pleasant as possible.

A Strange Family (Die fremde Familie)

When her 80-year-old father Robert has an accident, translator Ira Wolfens decides to take care of him at home - despite their difficult relationship. Robert had left her and her mother many years before to start a second family. But now Ira sees this as an opportunity to prove herself to her father. However, in view of the high cost of care, Ira calls upon the somewhat unofficial help of Eastern European nurse Elisaveta - much to the displeasure of her husband Marquard, who, beside his work as a professional consultant, also has ambitions to be a local politician.

The Seed Handler (Die Samenhändlerin)

It is the year 1850 and, in search of her great love and father of her unborn child, Helmut (Nico Rogner), the young, self-confident Hannah Brettschneider (Henriette Richter-Röhl) arrives in the small town of Gönningen at the foot of the Swabian Alps. For almost two centuries, Gönningen has been the home of industrious businessmen trading in flower and vegetable seeds.

Family makes you happy (Familie macht glücklich)

Turbulent emotional family comedy centred on Julie, a single mother whose everyday job is anything but everyday, it’s her vocation: to reconcile people who have lost each other.

Let's Do it in Finnish (Machen wir's auf Finnisch)

In her mid-20s, Annika still lives with her parents and moves from one unpaid internship to the next - always in the vain endeavour of finding a permanent position in the music industry. But the life of this dedicated yet hapless intern is about to be turned upside down - by a Finnish rock band. After all, Annika never expected that inventing some fictitious knowledge of Finnish would land her a dream job with a record label... In order to prove herself, she is to take Finnish group "Ripili" to Germany and prepare for a band contest.

Never Again (Kehrtwende)

Thomas Schäfer is an ambitious high school teacher. At work, however, he is under increasing pressure. His wife and 13-year-old son are the victims of his anger, with the smallest trigger enough to send him into a rage. The drama delivers a compelling story of the consequences of domestic violence on the everyday life of this small Family.

My Own Flesh and Blood (Mein eigen Fleisch und Blut)

Successful career woman Franziska Marbacher (Veronica Ferres) gets into an argument with her long-term partner Robert (August Zirner) on her 40th birthday. Shortly afterwards they separate. Franziska did not want to start a family with Robert, because she already has a son, whom she gave up for adoption immediately after giving birth to him when she was just 15 years old. Finding herself suddenly caught up again by this tragic episode, Franziska travels to her hometown Rosenheim to search for her son Oliver (Kostja Ullmann).

Murder in the Finest Family (Mord in bester Familie)

Rich sawmill owner Reinhard Lorenz (Otto Mellies) has two daughters: the older Manuela (Maja Maranow) leads the family business and has always lived with her son at home. The younger Katrin (Katharina Böhm), ​​on the other hand, turned her back on her homeland 18 years ago to start a new life in the USA. For the father's 80th birthday, however, Katrin returns and takes up residence in an old hunting lodge in the mountains. This arouses the suspicions of Manuela and her partner Jens (Max Herbrechter). They fear that Katrin has returned to ensure her inheritance.

Night Without Morning (Nacht ohne Morgen)

Jasper Dänert, a renowned Berlin lawyer, is very ill. But there is something he wants to do before his death... In 1992, Jasper led the investigation into a murder case that became very close to him. A sixteen-year-old boy was found dead in a forest. His identity remained unresolved, as did their hunt for the murderer. Now Jasper is back, determined to unearth the truth before it is too late.

Oh My God, Anna (Mein Gott, Anna)

With her clever, energetic nature, Sister Anna Seelenbinder (Mariele Millowitsch) takes care of the needs and sorrows of her fellow men in the Protestant Institute. At the same time, Matron Gundula Schwertfeger (Karin Neuhäuser) also expects her to respect her solemn promises of obedience, humility and works of mercy...

Hans Ernst: Christl

When Christl, daughter of wealthy innkeeper Sebastian Gruber and his self-righteous wife Charlotte, meets medical student Thomas, the younger son of rich farmer Anton Lafret, it is love at first sight. Thomas is engaged to Anita, daughter of a factory owner from Innsbruck, but conceals this from Christl. Thomas wants to break off the engagement with Anita, but his father and his fiancée, working together, force him to give up Christl..

A Dairymaid to Fall in Love With (Eine Sennerin zum Verlieben)

Ariane Ostler (Michaela May) is a chaotic but down-to-earth dairymaid, who lives reclusively high up on her Upper Bavarian alpine pasture. Ariane is not interested in formal, bureaucratic matters, and has never submitted a proper tax return in her life. This comes back to haunt her as the very particular financial officer Bernhard Maiwald (Günther Maria Halmer) moves into the area and targets Ariane.


It’s 1984 and 19-year-old Melanie (Anna Fischer), forced to stay at a dismal clinic due to a severe eye disease, attempts to defy her dreary surroundings with her sexy dresses and a lot of makeup. Her condition could lead to blindness without expensive therapy and drugs, but Mel dreams of freedom in the West, and she is convinced that she could be treated there as well. But she only has the new doctor, Carlo Sanchez (Pasquale Aleardi), as a glimmer of hope.

Unpunished (Ungesühnt)

When she sees the defendant Robin Böhme (Simon Licht) for the first time, prosecutor Esther Dorwald (Ann-Kathrin Kramer) collapses in shock. She recognizes him as the man who sexually assaulted her in a park twenty years ago. At the time, the investigation fizzled out, but now he is here, a businessman accused of arms trafficking and murder. The prosecutor wants him to be held accountable for his crime against her, but realizes that the act is time-barred.

Courage (Zivilcourage)

Peter Jordan, owner of a book shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg, faces a conflict between a gang and his conscience. After bearing witness to a violent crime, Peter transforms from being a loyal follower of the state’s legal system to defending his own rights at any cost. The background of migration and an air of despair in his neighborhood contrast sharply with Peter's world, where - despite the bars on the windows – he maintains his own island of education and opportunity.

St. Petersburg Romance (Eine Liebe in St. Petersburg)

Anaesthetist Nora Sanders (35) is asked to give a lecture on her specialty at an international surgeons‘ conference in St. Petersburg. Flattered, she takes on this challenge, much to the displeasure of her boyfriend Eric. Nora does not like travelling, but she has felt very much connected with St. Petersburg since her childhood. After the death of her parents in an accident, she lived with her grandmother, Katharina, who, as a young woman, once fell in love with a Russian soldier from St. Petersburg, and often told her granddaughter about it...

African Storm (Stürme in Afrika)

Eva is in shock: her father has suffered a stroke while in South Africa with her older sister Hanna, who runs a guesthouse for safari tourists in the wilderness. Deceived by her husband Paul, she packs her suitcase and heads to Africa. Seeing her older sister again will bring old wounds to the surface, and new ones could also emerge when Eva, a stiff perfectionist, meets dashing ranger Alex. Then her husband suddenly appears at the door – and Eva faces a difficult decision...

Good Boy (Guter Junge)

Following the death of taxi driver Achim’s ex-wife, their son, Sven, comes to live with him. After some time it becomes apparent that the shy teenager has paedophile inclinations. Achim resolves to tackle the problem without professional help - a project that is doomed to failure.

Leo and Marie

Leo Schreiber (Wotan Wilke Möhring) and Marie Johanson (Bernadette Heerwagen) are two people who live invisible lives: undisturbed, but also very lonely, without a family, without friends. Even Leo's cat denied him strokes... They both work at a large insurance company - and here is where their story begins: in an elevator the two meet - and fall in love. Reluctantly, they get to know each other. And then they quickly discover how their love transforms their lives.

Coming Home (Mein Vater)

A happy young family has just fulfilled their dream to move into their own home, when they realize that the husband’s father Richard, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, can no longer cope living alone. The family decides to take the old man in – but as his condition worsens daily, quicker and more dramatically than everyone expected, the family will be pushed to breaking point.

Murder by Numbers (Mord nach Zahlen)

The wife of company owner Markus Biehler has been abducted. In her first case, insurance investigator Marina Kröger (Dagmar Manzel) is assigned to find out whether Markus’s wife is actually - as claimed - dead or not.

Schnitzel for Three (Ein Schnitzel für drei)

Two unemployed friends decide to make up an imaginary company, so their family and friends will stop asking them when they will finally find work again.

Schnitzel for Everybody

Unemployed animal keeper Günther Kuballa and former clothing retailer Wolfgang Krettek embark on a search for happiness.

Men Gone Wild (Freilaufende Männer)

Thomas has no idea what to do with his life - but as a passionate hypochondriac he has an imaginary heart attack once a week.