Movie collections

Sonderlage: Ein Hamburg-Krimi

Inspired by true events and supported by the expertise of leading members of the police, our series describes dramatic events such as hostile attacks, hostage-taking, violent rampages and kidnappings. The extremely intense police work in these so-called "special situations" takes place under enormous time pressure and expectations are high.

Scene of the Crime - Munich (Tatort München)

Ivo Batic is a man who believes strongly in justice. Batic and Leitmayr have been partners for over 25 years, they know each other inside and out, and can communicate in just a few words.

Käthe and Me (Käthe und ich)

Psychologist Paul (Christoph Schechinger) specializes on animal assisted therapy with his dog, Australian Shepard Käthe. Together with caregiver Hildegard (Mariele Millowitsch) they handle unique and challenging cases and do their best to help their patients.

Toni, the Midwife (Toni, männlich, Hebamme)

From a secure job to self-employment: Toni Hasler is Munich's only male midwife - a “lone wolf" in an absolute women's domain. After losing his clinic job, Toni, freshly divorced and in his late thirties, feels like he has his back to the wall.

Inga Lindström

Centring on modern heroines, who, amid all the twists and turns of life, are seeking their true happiness, "Inga Lindström" spans a variety of genres - from classic melodramas to family comedies.

Police Call 110 (Polizeiruf 110)

Police Force 110 is a German-language crime series. Each of the producing regional broadcasters has its own investigative team, which is determined by the broadcaster's geographical network and tied to a city...

Scene of the Crime - Cologne (Tatort Köln)

Cologne has aired since 1997, with more than 80 episodes following the investigations of detectives Max Ballauf and Freddy Schenk.

The Trash Team (Die drei von der Müllabfuhr)

Werner (Uwe Ochsenknecht), Ralle (Jörn Hentschel) and Tarik (Daniel Rodic) are a well-established team at Berlin’s garbage disposal unit. Werner, lovingly called "coach" by all, has been with the team for a long time and is a true leader - one who says if something does not suit him.

Scene of the Crime - Münster (Tatort Münster)

In Münster, a fast-paced squad is not needed – what’s required are patient. Commissioner Frank Thiel and coroner Professor Karl-Friedrich Boerne work together but with very contrasting styles.

Scene of the Crime - Dortmund (Tatort Dortmund)

Since 2012, the four investigators of the Dortmund team have been called out to crime scenes throughout the Ruhr district. A very modern workplace drama.

Scene of the Crime - Saarbrücken (Tatort Saarbrücken)

The Chief Inspectors Leo Hölzer (Vladimir Burlakov) and Adam Schürk (Daniel Sträßer) are investigating in Saarland.

Fathers home Alone (Väter allein zu Haus)

"Fathers – Home Alone" tells a story of love, unity and friendship. Something that sounds simple - yet can be so incredibly difficult - especially between husband and wife. And especially when that couple has become a family. At the center of the story are four fathers: Mark, Gerd, Timo and Andreas.


Ex-Federal investigator turned private detective Georg Dengler, played by award-winning German actor Ronald Zehrfeld, operates in the grey area between the legal and the illegal with hacker Olga Illiescu (Birgit Minichmayr).

Schwartz & Schwartz

Mads Schwartz, a loving family man and brilliant police officer, has just been promoted to the homicide division when his brother Andreas shows up unexpectedly at his door. Andi is considered the...

Scene of the Crime - Bremen (Tatort Bremen)

Bremen crime scene investigators Chief Commissioner Lürsen and Commissioner Stedefreund are one of the longest-serving investigators on television.


Horst Schimanski, played by the legendary Götz George, first appeared in the ARD TV series Tatort in 1981. In 29 episodes (including two feature films), he served as the ruthless detective in Duisburg, at the side of Chief Inspector Thanner. For the first time in television history, a detective was shown who cursed, fought and revealed his womanizing ways with no inhibitions.

The Schnitzel Movie collection

Two unemployed friends decide to make up an imaginary company, so their family and friends will stop asking them when they will finally find work again. However, their fantasy company suddenly starts to flourish, and they accidentally come across a pot full of money. But their friendship suffers from this sudden wealth, forcing them to make a decision: what is more important - friendship or money?

Utta Danella

The Utta Danella movies tell romantic love stories with modern and timeless themes, all set against the backdrop of beautiful Bavarian landscapes. From the challenges faced by successful women in finding a man, be it in the office or in the rural community, and people who fall in love with each other even though they do not fit together or are already tied to another, to family secrets and much more, these heart-warming modern day tales come with one guarantee - that there will be a happy ending!

Lilly Schönauer

Immersed in the beautiful local landscapes and infused with the "Austrian charm" of its protagonists, this drama series centres on moving, heart-breaking stories, featuring a diverse cast of acclaimed, popular acting talent.

Canadian Dream (Unser Traum von Kanada)

The contrasting characters of film series "Our Dream of Canada" go back to their roots in this movie starring Sonja Gerhardt, Robert Seeliger, Katja Weitzenböck and Michael Gwisdek.

White Blue Stories (Weißblaue Geschichten)

This popular movie collection tells entertaining and charming stories. Twenty-six years ago, the first White Blue Stories emerged, and became a popular and well-known programme on ZDF until they were discontinued in 2007. Now the White Blue Stories are back, refreshed for the modern day, modelled on the tone and humour of the Rosenheim Cops.

Our Farm in Ireland (Unsere Farm in Irland)

"Our Farm in Ireland" portrays heart surgeon Dr Martin Winter, who emigrated with his three daughters to Ireland after the death of his wife to work as a country doctor.

Taco and Nina (Taco und Kaninchen)

Two one-hour specials - The Enemy's Capture and No More School – based on exciting adventures from bestselling author Amelie Fried and her husband Peter Probst, who adapted their co-written books for television.
Siblings "Taco", nine years old, and his eleven-year-old sister "Rabbit" are as different as day and night. But when it comes to investigations they are a really strong team: as child detectives, they crack the trickiest criminal cases, using their heads, imagination and ever present humour! For this duo exciting adventures are a way of life...