High Spirits (Süßer Rausch)

Drei Frauen wie Wasser, Luft und Feuer sind vereint in ihrer Beziehung zum Patriarchen einer Brennerei; zu ihrem Mann, Ex-Mann, Zwillingsbruder. Als dieser stirbt, stehen sie vor den Scherben ihrer Lebensentwürfe. Nach und nach erkennen sie seine Machenschaften, welche bis weit in die nachfolgende Generation reichen.

Dark Woods (Das Geheimnis des Totenwaldes)

In the summer of 1989, Barbara Neder (Silke Bodenbender), the sister of high-ranking Hamburg police officer Thomas Bethge (Matthias Brandt), disappears without a trace from her house. Shortly before two couples had been cruelly murdered in nearby woodlands. 

Bella Germania

Two women, two countries, two epochs linked by fate: German fashion designer Julia and her Italian grandmother Giulietta - a woman Julia has never met. What connects both women is the most important man in their lives: Vincenzo, Juliet's father and Giulietta's son.

Brecht - The Women. The Wars. The Price.

Bertolt Brecht, a theatre revolutionary, poet of the state, outsider, looks back on his life in 1956, the year of his death, in East Berlin: from provocations in the Augsburg of the First World War, to the early poetic and amorous height flights in Munich and Berlin in the 1920s, his escape from Hitler and US exile.

Hidden Identity (Das Programm)

After a Hamburg banker makes the mistake of doing business with a ruthless gangster, his whole family suddenly find themselves on the run – as they are forced to leave their past life completely behind, overnight.

The Glassblower (Die Glasbläserin)

Lauscha, in the year 1890. After the death of their father, sisters Johanna and Marie Steinmann have been left destitute. As women they are not allowed to continue to run the family‘s glassblowing workshop, so they must seek their luck separately: Johanna as an assistant to the glass dealer Friedhelm Strobel, and Marie as a glass painter in the workshop of Wilhelm Heimer and as wife to his son Thomas.

The Secret of the Midwife (Das Geheimnis der Hebamme)

Marthe is a girl with a special gift: she can cure diseases. But she lives in a time shaped by superstition and piety. When Marthe cannot help Burggrave's wife from her village, the girl has to flee. Her path crosses that of Ritter Christian, who, with a group of Franconian settlers, is travelling eastwards in search of a better life in a foreign country – which, at that time, is an unbelievably long and arduous journey. Christian can hardly hide his fascination for Marthe, but the differences between their cultures makes a relationship impossible and the settlers are afraid of this weird girl.

After the Fall (Die Himmelsleiter)

Cologne 1947, the metropolis built on the banks of the Rhine has been completely destroyed. An attack by a thousand bombers has left the city in ruins, nothing is left standing. For the people, the end of the war is far from the end of the struggle for survival. On the contrary, the winter of 1946-47 is the hardest of the century, with an allocation of only three coal briquettes each per day.

Hermann Hesse: The Return (Hermann Hesse: Die Heimkehr)

"The Return" is about the search for a sense of belonging and for security, the power of normality and exclusion. And it is an unexpected and delicate love story that will prevail against all prejudices. The lead character, August Staudenmeyer, is a wealthy businessman who has made his fortune abroad, before returning to his hometown Gerbersau in the Black Forest. He hopes to make a home there after being expelled from the city in his youth.

Greed (Gier)

Whether unscrupulous real estate sharks, successful traders, large manufacturers, bored heirs, or aspiring small investors - they are all insatiable when it comes to entrusting their money to one man in anticipation of breath-taking returns. Investment consultant Dieter Glanz is aware of his reputation, and is generously rewarded by the customers who trust him with their money, inviting him and his wife Gloria to splendid parties and allowing them to participate in their elaborate lifestyles. Whether in his luxurious property or a private jet, for Dieter the splendour of the world and the dream of great wealth has become a reality.

Kennedy's Brain

Kennedy's Brain tells the story of a mother who, after the mysterious death of her son, begins her own investigation into why he died. Her pursuit of the truth leads to Africa, where she traces a humanitarian scandal that her son seems to have been implicated in, and makes a life-threatening discovery. The film is based on a novel by the "master of suspense", Henning Mankell.