Unnoticed - What We Fear

17-year-old Lisa (Mina-Giselle Rüffer) moves to an idyllic town in the Black Forest with her mother Franka (Marie Leuenberger). The change of location and the peace and quiet are supposed to do Lisa good, as she has recently been increasingly suffering from panic attacks, which seem to have a psychological cause. When, at the memorial service for the first anniversary of a killing spree at the grammar school, the next disaster strikes fear into the town, events come to a head.

3 Women, 1 Car (3 Frauen 1 Auto)

Christl and Julia have been carpooling to their workplaces in Munich city centre for some time. When Birgit loses her driving licence, she has no choice but to join the duo.

Das Boot

The story of the new high end series "Das Boot" begins in the fall of 1942, at a time when, in the midst of World War II, submarine warfare was becoming ever more brutal. The plot follows a young submarine Crew on a dangerous surveillance mission, as the Résistance begins to gain influence at the French port of La Rochelle.

Grumpy Old Cops (Rentnercops)

Once again there is a staff shortage in the police department and police chief Plocher reactivates two former investigators to solve a tricky mobster case. Mafia expert Bielefelder and retired inspector Schmitz don't have fond memories of each other from their operational days which creates a lot of friction.

The Rosenheim Cops

In 2020, Rosenheim’s finest Chief Inspectors – Korbinian Hofer, Anton Stadler and Sven Hansen – mark another year spent keeping the town’s streets a little safer.

Soko Stuttgart

In Stuttgart, no murder remains unsolved. This is ensured by the team led by Detective Chief Superintendent Martina Seiffert, Forensic Chief Inspector Joachim Stoll and Detective Rico Sander. Above them all is Forensic Director Michael Kaiser.


Blending a period setting with a contemporary style, mystery series Freud will be a modern, sexy and suspenseful take on the life of the celebrated doctor.

Compulsive, Savant, Flair: Falk

Falk is the John McEnroe of lawyers… With his eccentric appearance and his unusual, somewhat "creative" and hair-raising way of working, he does not exactly fit in the dignified rooms of the renowned Düsseldorf firm "Offergeld & Partner". But it’s there that he lands after his sabbatical as a restaurateur – much to the horror of his very proper boss Sophie – working as a specialist in the more unusual cases...

Art, Heart and Schnitzel (Ohne Schnitzel geht es nicht)

Since the remarkably impulsive ex-zookeeper Günther and ex-gentlemen's outfitter Wolfgang, who has always been concerned about fine manners, lost their beloved jobs, the two friends have shared one wish: to return to work, earn money and feel like fully fledged members of society again.

Arctic Circle

When a weaponized sexual virus threatens a remote arctic town, Inspector Nina Kautsalo and virologist Thomas Lorenz must hunt down the sadistic killer spreading the virus and uncover the conspiracy behind its cure. 


Culture clash at its best! Jiscalosse, a French coastal village, is on the brink of financial ruin - but the mayor is convinced that the relocation of a German company and their employees can save Jiscalosse from bankruptcy...

Dr. Klein

Dr. Valerie Klein is a successful doctor and, at the height of 1.32 meters, she‘s the only one who meets her patients at eye level in the Stuttgart children's hospital. The doctor’s personal life is all about new beginnings: freshly divorced from her husband, with her daughter studying in Amsterdam and a new man on the horizon. She manages her life in an unconventional way, but always with humour.

Godless - Why People Kill (Gottlos - Warum Menschen töten)

Godless - Why People Kill is no ordinary crime series, for it reveals what is not present in traditional crime drama: the emergence, development and ultimately escalation of a conflict, where it is not always clear who is the victim and who is the criminal. The three films - Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n‘ Roll, Extinction and The Policeman - are fictional tales inspired by real crimes, and demonstrate that every crime, however terrible it may seem, is rooted in profound human feelings.

The Garmisch Cops (Die Garmisch-Cops)

At the foot of the Wetterstein mountains a murder has been committed... It’s an unfortunate and unusual turn of events, but fortunately the Garmisch Cops are on hand. With their unerring determination and flair for uncovering the truth, Anton and his younger colleague Bähr begin their investigation, under the supervision of state attorney – and Anton’s ex – Claudia Wölk. All the while, Chief Prosecutor Dr. Wetzel keeps a watchful eye on their search as well as on Claudia...

The Family Detective (Die Familiendetektivin)

"The Family Detective" is a modern family series blended with a compelling detective drama.

IC 1 - Tourists in Danger (IK 1 - Touristen in Gefahr)

"IC is the abbreviation for "International Coordination" – a real division of the Federal Criminal Police Department, which intervenes when Germans are involved in crimes abroad. Florian Blessing (Tobias Oertel) is a daredevil who likes to work alone and does not take too kindly to rules and regulations. He is therefore not very enthusiastic when Nadja Hansen, a psychologist and specialist in operational case analysis, arrives as his partner.

Wild Waves (Wilde Wellen)

On their way back to the station, Marie and her colleague spot a car racing at high speed through the city and running red traffic lights. The two officers immediately set off in pursuit. They manage to force the driver to stop, but, without warning, the young man pulls out a gun and shoots Marie's colleague. Marie returns fire in self-defence. With the driver of the car mortally wounded, Marie falls to the ground and loses consciousness. The young archaeologist Paul, who has witnessed everything while at a celebration in a nearby café, immediately gives Marie first aid. Both have no idea that this encounter will change their lives.

Bringing Up My Parents (Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern)

Following the second marriage of his father, Dr. Christoph Hasenkötter (Felix Eitner) has a half-brother named Dr. Carlo Mittenzwey (Heinrich Schafmeister). But they only get to know each other at the notary, when it turns out that they have jointly inherited the old villa of their deceased parents. There is one condition to their inheritance: both single parent fathers must live with their children in the house - otherwise the ownership will pass to a foundation