Storm of Love (Sturm der Liebe)

Love, power, intrigue and friendship – for those who take up residence at the five-star hotel "Fürstenhof", their stay will be all about great emotions. Set in the fictional Upper Bavarian community of Bichlheim, each season centres on a young couple who must overcome obstacles before they can be happily married and leave "Fürstenhof" to start a future together.


Living side by side, day by day - neighbours are easy... even wonderful! As the people of Marienhof cope with everyday trials and tribulations - they live their lives, with all the consequences. Big or small, problems are faced and resolved. As these strong men and women engage in their exciting and sometimes gruelling relationships as well as in existential conflicts and everyday aspects of life - a lot will happen, for this is Marienhof!

Clinic at the Lake (Klinik am See)

Set against the backdrop of a small-town hospital, this compelling drama focuses on the everyday stories of the personal and professional lives of the hospital staff, as well as the heartfelt stories of the patients in their care. At the centre is the family of clinician Johanna Lindner (Bettina Redlich) and her husband, Judge Thomas Lindner (Ralph Schicha). Clinic doctor Markus Lindner (Sven Waasner), Johanna's son, is preparing for his wedding to colleague Marie Egger (Nova Meierhenrich), who has just started as an assistant doctor.

One For All (Eine für alle - Frauen können's besser)

Lilli Lemcke (Katharina Schubert) is a normal heroine: in her late thirties, she‘s a worker on the assembly line, married to Bernd (Thorsten Nindel) and mother of two children, and she has three great friends, Yvonne (Katharina Kaali), Bärbel and Melanie. All Lilli wants is to keep her small world safe, but she refuses to stand idly by as the bank forces the most important local family business - their employer – into insolvency. Without further ado, Lilli buys the business for one symbolic euro, and swaps the factory floor for the executive suite, where she is now responsible both for the company and her colleagues.