Elnas Isrusch, Producerin & Innovationsmanagerin, Berlin, Die Drei von der Müllabfuhr, Endlich Witwer, Der Bankraub, Nacht der Angst, Pampa Blues, Die Himmelsleiter - Sehnsucht nach morgen, Bavaria Fiction

Elnas Isrusch

Producer & Innovation Manager
Office Berlin

Elnas Isrusch is a Producer and Innovation Manager with Bavaria Fiction. She has been working for Bavaria Fiction since 2011, initially in development and then, from 2013, as a producer on features including "Miss Sixty" (Sigrid Hoerner) and TV movies such as "Die Himmelsleiter - Sehnsucht nach morgen" (Carlo Rola), "Pampa Blues" (Kai Wessel), and "Der Bankraub" (Urs Egger). Alongside her activities as a producer, Elnas Isrusch has also been Innovation Manager since 2016. The focus of her work here is on innovative content development (e.g. platform-based, as with Wattpad), latest narrative forms resulting from new technologies, and digital strategies for the acquisition of new projects.

Elnas Isrusch studied Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice in Hildesheim, focusing on film, and was subsequently a production coordinator for the Oscar-nominated film "In Darkness" (Agniezska Holland) and the international coproduction "Simon and The Oaks" (Lisa Ohlin).



2018 Die Drei von der Müllabfuhr (Movie Collection)
2017   Endlich Witwer (TV Movie)
2016   Der Bankraub (TV Movie)
2015   Nacht der Angst (TV Movie)
2014   Pampa Blues (TV Movie)
2014   Die Himmelsleiter - Sehnsucht nach morgen (Event)
2013   Miss Sixty (Cinema)
2011   In Darkness (Cinema)
2011   Simon and the Oaks Director (Cinema)